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Lying BM must think SS5 is stupid

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SS5 has been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, but I have said all along the he is very smart. When BM dropped off the boys on Sunday she told DH that SS5 was wearing SS7's old boots because he lost his new boots at school. The ones that DH bought for him.

On Monday I asked SS5 to look for his green boots and when he came home I asked him if he had found his green boots at school. He told me. "No, they are not at school. They are at home, at mom's house." I asked him if he was sure. "Yes, I am sure. They are at mom's house."

So I told DH what he said and DH asked him again and got the same answer, this time SS5 got a little annoyed and was very sure about his answer. Which I pointed out to DH that it looks like SS5 really thinks he knows where they are.

We e-mailed SS5's teacher just to make sure and she said she would look but since SS5 has a aid at school to help him get ready to go she didn't think that there was any way they could have lost his boots (SS5 takes shoes to where at school, the boots are for recess and going home) They even went on a field trip to the lost a found box today and there weren't any boots.

Can I just say that BM lies about the DUMBEST things!

Our guess is that something happened to the boots at BM's house. She has two dogs and one cat, maybe they got chewed on. Or maybe BM lost them some where. Or even in some cases when DH buys something for SKids she just does not like it and gets something else to use even if it's used. This has happened with a winter jacket, shoes, lunch boxes, ect.

But why blame the school? And if they are ruined/missing and she doesn't want us to know go to wal-mart and by another pair just like them, of course you would have to have the money to do that and we think BM is hurting for cash right now.

Lastly did she really think that SS5 was going to go along with her lie? He's 5! and a little slow on talking but he is not stupid.