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OT- Ex's Stimulus check

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I just wanted to blog for other's wondering about getting a stimulus check for CS.  I got mine today.  The stimulus check that CS intercepted from my ex is now in my CS account!  Wooohoooo!  Now he only owes like 6,600 in arrears!  LOL!


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LMAO, I'll take it however I can get it!  At least he filed for it so that I could get it (obviously helped out his arrears situation too). 

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Pretty damned sad, Hon, that it took a pandemic to force yon deadbeat to pay up!  Spend the $ in good health.


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I agree but better than some deadbeats on here that won't even file b/c it will go to their kids!!!!  Thank you Smile

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Like my older son's dad. But you know, he doesn't want to "pay me to leave him". 

Funny... I had more money immediately after I quit carrying his dead @ss weight. 

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Thanks for the update and congratulations on getting some of your forced, interest free loan repaid to you.

Checking mine now...

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Mine is still not there. I'll get it one way or another: from HCBD while he is still alive or by suing his estate when he dies. No way in hell am I being stuck solo with the bill for raising a child I didn't create alone.

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stuck with that bill twice with two, different as night and day, husbands.  My picker has always been broken.

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thinkthrice, I think we have all had some issues with a broken happens unfortunately!

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I also got it twice. 

I think if you are "a giver", "takers" seek you out to use. It is not 100% your fault. Using assholes are also liars.

Who goes into a relationship expecting their partner to constantly lie and use them? 

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Yep, I got it twice also.  I never expected my exes to lie/use and manipulate the way they did.  They had good "representatives" and the real them came out later!  Honestly, I'm starting to feel like my DH is the 3rd stupid decision I've made.  Time will tell but I did learn from those mistakes that I CAN and WILL survive without a man and if I need to I WILL do it again Yes 3 It didn't kill me it made me stronger!

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Good for you IAW.  He should be paying for his child!  I do still hope you his stimulus check too!

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DS43 hasn't received crap in CS from MethBag in many years, last week he got a check for $1200 through CS, total shocker. MethBag hasn't contacted the grandsons in over 10 years, she left when the youngest grandson was 7 months old, YGS is now 17 years old. this tells you what a great MOTY she is.

OGS18 got a fakebook message from MethBag, saying have your dad call me, and gave a phone number. Nothing about hi son, I miss you, I love you, how are you doing, just have your dad call me. OGS18 sent back two words "F*ck Off". Stupid B*tch can't even remember DS43's phone number, it's been the same number for almost 20 years.

DS43, OGS18 and YGS17 took sheer delight in buying a bunch of War Hammer figurines for a game that they all play with the money. Stuff that where the sun doesn't shine, MethBag.

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Wow, what a POS mom!  I don't understand women like that!  I'm glad your DS43 got it!  He deserves it!  You know that MethBag wanted him to contact her about the money she thought SHE deserved!  I'm glad your OGS told her to eff off!  I hope they posted pics of the War Hammer figurines so she could see where "her drug money" actually went....where it belonged!