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Boogers on my furniture... again

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We've been struggling with SD15 wiping boogers on our sofa and walls for years. Each time DH makes her clean it and usually gives her another punishment also. She stops long enough that we stop checking behind her. It's been about a 9 month booger-free streak until today. I'm so annoyed and she is WAY too old to be doing this still. She has even wiped boogers on the couch when the box of tissues was literally 4 inches away on the side table.

Too lazy to even make a Christmas wish list

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Weeks ago DH and I both asked all the kids to write down their wish lists. SD15 only wrote down 3 things (ok whatever). This weekend the topic comes up and she asks if we got her Christmas list from BM. DH tells her of course not, and reminds her we asked her to write a list. She replies that BM knows what she wants for Christmas and she thought we would just get the list from her. She didn't want to have to think about it and write it all down.

It's becoming very apparent that DH is disappointed in his kids

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SD15 is stealing again. She got caught with a bunch of things that don't belong to her at BM's house. She has also "borrowed" things from my BD14 without asking. She lies about all of it and never fesses up to anything. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and DH was working in the front yard. I came home and DH helps me carry in groceries. We go to open the front door and the deadbolt is locked. SD15 is the only person inside, yet she says she didn't lock it. There's no telling what she was doing... snooping, stealing, who knows.

When In-laws visit... Is this rude or not a big deal?

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I realize the way things work in my family isn't always the norm, so I'm curious if this is acceptable or rude...

DH's mom lives about 2 hours away. She comes to visit every couple of months and will stay the night at our house. It is almost always during the work week. When she comes, DH never changes his plans to spend time with her. She will arrive around 6 or so. DH will go to the gym for about an hour from 7-8. He will sit and talk to her for about an hour and then she goes to bed. The next day DH goes to work as normal and she goes home.

Acne and cavities

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I can't understand how a 15 year old girl is not interested in taking care of her face and teeth. When sd15 lived with us and started getting acne, we got her on a Pro-active program. Her face cleared up so nicely, but she wasn't interested in using the products. Dh had to remind her every morning and evening. Now she lives with BM and has raging acne and doesn't seem to care.

When out-of-control teens are old enough to drive

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BM asked DH to split the cost of driving school for SD15. It's $370 for the class. DH told her he would give it some thought. Am I the only person who thinks it's crazy to allow this kid to get her license????

She barely makes it though school as it is. Constantly failing classes and skipping school. Will she go to school more once she can drive herself? I doubt it.

She is currently in trouble to trying to sneak and meet a boy that she isn't allowed to see. Will she suddenly follow the rules and stay away from this kid once she has the freedom to drive herself? I doubt it.