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SD16 still asking me to do her laundry

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SD16 stopped by last night to drop off SD18 ( who doesn't have a license). My SIL and BIL were there too, and we were all talking in the living room. SD16 asks "Where is my blanket that I left on the couch last week?" 

DH says "Oh, I spilled some food on it. I think its in the laundry room." 

SD16 says "Daddee! That's gross!" Then she turns to me and says "Can you wash it for me?" 

She doesn't usually ask me to wash her clothes because she knows I stopped doing that about 3 years ago. I think she thought that because her aunt was there, that I would be shamed into saying yes. My response was *laughter* "No. If your Dad doesn't wash it, then you can wash it when you get back."  (We all know DH hates doing his own laundry, and leaves it until he has worn his own last pair of undies for 2 days. )

So I politely excuse myself and go to bed. I get up this morning and there is a large bold message written in chalk on my kitchen chalkboard. Its says: "Wash blanket on sanitary cycle in hot water!" 

I ask DH - uh, who wrote that? He shrugs. We both know it was SD!6. The  sanitary cycle runs the hot water for an hour and a half. Wow! She has some nerve. I think that blanket will stay wadded up on the laundry room floor for another week until she can figure out how to work a washing machine. LOL.

She also asks her daddee to move his truck out of the driveway so she can park there when she visits. Why? Because she doesn't want to walk and she doesn't want her car getting broken into. (His truck has thousands of dollars worth of tools in it that he needs for his work. )

I know this is no surprise, but it still makes me laugh and wonder how she will get through life on her own.


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Ohhhh there have got to be some clever funny ways to respond in writing below that message on the chalk board. Such a rare opportunity is presenting itself there. I don't really think I could contain myself from responding in a funny manner.

I actually have a small magnet on my fridge that says "You want same day laundry service - do it yourself". Lol 

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You could always ask her, oh is that a reminder note for yourself? So you don't forget how to wash your blanket? 

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Stick the bag by the door and tell her to take the blanket back to her mom's.  The plastic bag should create great conditions for spoiled food to go mouldy but still leave your environment sanitary

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Let me guess.  Household responsibilites fall on you because you're the woman?


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Hi ipsofacto - No, honestly I think responsibility falls on me because I am not a slob, so I notice when there is a pile of clothes on the floor, or the dishes are sitting in the sink. DH doesn't notice until it impact him directly - like when he trips over the clothes, or there are no clean dishes. Of course, the skids wouldn't notice if the dishes jumped up and bit them.

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Love all the above suggestions. Another would be to put in box and store it somewhere. Or write "I charge 20/hour for laundry duties, and feel free to tip!"

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"House elf quit"

"Good manners are your beauty"

"Laundry service - $20 per item, pay in advance"

"Life's hard; its harder when you're stupid"

"Treat people the way you'd like to be treated"

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"You're 16 and old enough to do it yoursel!! Last i checked i'm not you're housekeeper or maid!! Please grow up!!"

Hubby would also be made to address this bullshit and disrespectful childish behaviour immediately.

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Thanks everyone,  for all your hilarious and useful suggestions. I am thinking I will just erase the note and leave the dirty blanket folded nicely on her bed. I doubt she will even notice its still dirty. This kid hasn't washed her sheets since we moved in to the new house. Four months - and that is not the longest she has gone without washing them. OH, and I just noticed there was a second note on the chalk board that I didn't see because I was laughing so hard at the first note. It tells me to wash the throw rugs in her bathroom. This is the bathroom I told her and her sister that THEY would be responsible for cleaning, not me or their dad. Hmmm. I bet she thinks the rugs and towels and trash can don't count as part of the bathroom because they are not attached. BWAHAHAa

I am kind of curious to see how dirty this bathroom can get before even THEY are too grossed out to go in there.

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You have the same philosophy as me. Moving into our current home the SDs got their own bathroom. I had long talks with DH about cleaning and responsibilities. They would be in charge of their rooms, their laundry and their bathroom. That turned into a joke on me.

YSD loved her room and after I taught her to use the washing machine and dryer she was on it. Zero issue. She even washed her sheets and towels regularly. OSD did zip nada nothing. Sheets unwashed for at least 6 mos, filthy towels, etc.

The bathroom? DH never once made them clean it. He "helped" them a couple times when it got bad but there was no expectation of general cleaning. I refused to go in there. If we had guests he was responsible for a total clean. I eventually hired a cleaner every other month and DH pays a higher split due to lack of help around the house in general and that bathroom. Right now there's a ton of empty bottles in the shower and under the sink, empty toilet paper rolls too. DH will have to clean all of that out next week since we have guests coming next weekend. Today I'm going to ask the cleaner to clean out and wipe down YSDs cabinet shelves because they are disgusting. No one needs to see that. 

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Your plan sounds good. You could also place the throw rug on top of the folded blanket if you wanted! 

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word the order to wash the rugs? That really blows my mind!

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DH says "Oh, I spilled some food on it. I think its in the laundry room." 

I'm a 'you broke it - you fix it'  person. DH spilled food on it, he gets to wash it (regular cycle).

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Exactly. He spilled the stuff, tell me why he didn't clean up his mess. No wonder his kids have no idea of how to behave. 

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after you completely ignore it, and she whines or complains that you didn't do it, tell her "I thought that message was your way to remember to wash it yourself. It's not my job."



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Write the address of the nearest laundromat below.

Write the number for maid service below the rug comment OR the price you charge for doing their chores. ($50)

Say, "Oh, it got moldy and had to be thrown out."

"Anyone using the Sanitary Cycle pays the water bill for that month."


Evil Aniki would wash those throw rugs and either put the in storage or donate them.

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Suddenly disappears then reappears as SD16's 2022 xmas prezzie.

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Honestly, your husband dirtied her blanket.. HE should be responsible for washing it.  Not you.. and perhaps not even her.. she didn't spill food on it.. HE did.  (though maybe she could share some blame for leaving it in a public place in the home vs safe in her own space).. 

I would tell him to get to it.. 

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Dh actually washed the blanket! Color me surprised!