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Ungrateful Pre-Teen

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non skid (11) is the most ungrateful little brat I have ever had to deal with. Walks in the door and tells me that I answer yes to letting her hang out with her friend, because she texted her dad and said to ask me. I did not reply an answer. Shortly after her and her sister (8) decide to hit each other. The 11 non skid hits her sister few times extra in between I say that "I will hit both of you if you don't knock it off" ( I would never put a finger on them, just saying this to make her quit) she proceeds to hit her not once but twice. I tell her to go up to her room and she says no. As I take the dog outside..proceeds to go out and ride her bike without saying a word. Oh to top it off came in and said her friend is here after I said NO. I am done with being the nice non-step parent/ non-mom. I'm not here to be nice.. I am here because I am in love with their father. I deal with 6 teens with disabilities during the day and the last thing I want to deal with is a bratty 11 year old.