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Where can I vent about separation or divorce issues?

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Is there a site available to vent about divorce or separation issues, similiar to this one? Thanks


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I think this site is one that does apply to separation/divorce. If I were you, try posting under general subjects, and I'm sure people will respond.

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I don't know about another site like this one. I guess if you searched hard enough you'd find one. Probably not like this one though.

I would suggest posting a request for a new forum for discussing separation or divorce issues (I'm assuming you're talking about issues affecting your step situation?) I'm sure Dawn would agree. She's very agreeable. Smile

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...for a new forum on marital issues that develop as a result of the step situation. I love my husband and I'm pretty sure he loves me, but five years of hell as changed us from loving, supportive spouses to basically business partners. I think there are probably many of us who would like to focus on strategies towards improving the marital situation.

~ Anne ~

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What a wonderful idea!!! I did read tonight about someone going thru one here. Very sad.....but definate reality when dealing with steps, bio's, exes, child support....uh, real life!!