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I think hubby almost wanted me to buy a handbag for sd14.5 whom I haven’t seen in

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over a year.

hubby flew over a few days ago as he is working overseas. We have a few of his nephews getting married next month and after hubby flies home next weekend, i will be flying over 2 weeks later. 

So i saw a cute matching floral handbag (my daughter has a middle name of a flower) for me and my daughter with same floral pattern just different design, one is a larger tote and the other is a smaller handle handbag. I was about to pay and hubby is looking at some nude coloured backpack style handbags and ask is this cute and i’m like for what. He says for his 14.5 yr old so i said you just bought one early this year that is brand new (which she has hardly used). 

I rushed to pay for my stuff because late last year when i was buying my handbags with my money i was blindsided at the counter by hubby putting handbags for his 2 daughters sd23.5 and 14.5. Sd23.5 is a uni graduate and had a fulltime job since 9 months ago. I told him this should never ever happen and he apologized.

i was quick paying for my stuff so hubby couldn’t dump stuff for me to pay so that he could tell darling sd’s that your stepmum bought it for you only for them to say ok... yeah no not doing it again. Hubby comes to me and asks have you picked your handbags and i said yes i paid for them already and store lady is getting new ones from the back.

we left the store, hubby didn’t buy anything for his daughters. Hubby still feels its his duty to unite all his kids together as a father and he’s not into this imaginary 1 big happy family concept, except it totally is and I don’t like being pressured or forced to be around his kids who have done nothing but try to put me in my rightful place to them which starts with bio mum, followed by stepdad, then bio dad, them and then me..,, they make life intentionally difficult and cause issues in our marriage so never will i wanna be around them

ss21.5 himself regularly tells hubby that me and our kids (his half siblings are strangers) so ummm strangers don’t usually hang out together. Meets are so awkward and strange

one thing thats great is hubby has no check in purchased so he’s limited in buying stuff for his elder 3 kids who continually ignore him thanks to bio mums pas


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Good move to check out quickly with your purchase. That's shady AF.

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bags. I’m like not again.

we agreed to save money for a house to buy in my country, hubby isn’t wasting money on unnecessary shit for kids who do not make an effort to meet up with him and treat hubby like “i ask you to jump and you say how high” then try sabotage our marriage and relationship 

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What gall to put those handbags on the counter and expect you to buy them! 

I had a niece who tried pulling that crap with me - also a purse! The cashier reached for the purse to ring with my things and I said, "Oh, that's not mine." My niece was P!SSED because - as Daddeeeee's pwecious pwincess - she was used to getting whatever she wanted. On someone else's dime.

If your 'D'H tries to pull that crap again, simply tell the cashier that those things are NOT YOURS.