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Double standards cont....

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Hi all, my previous post several days ago about he double standards with hubby going above and beyond for his 3 kids with exwife to make life super easy but the same doesn’t apply for me. 

Well after my kids being sick and hopefully on the mend, i started focussing on ensuring they get better and catch up with my uni studies as i’m basically a week behind.

hubby telling me he wasn’t gonna address skid issues, the double standards and i had to suck it up smile happy and tolerate and accept it just because hubby had given up.

i refused to respond and his pathetic apology waffling on about crap not to do with issues at hand mixed with stuff about this being a test from god which pissed me off more that he blamed god for shit that is his own fault and of his own doing.

well 3 weekends ago he met his 3 kids, sd’s wanted to give a birthday gift to their brother a month late and this weekend are religious holidays so a long weekend. Sd 23.5 asked her mum if they can follow their dad to his family home for the visit which is next state over. Bio mum said no she didn’t give permission and sd’s were too chicken shit to hubby to tell him that they told their brother instead

so hcgubm, narcissistic and pas aggressor who claimed mid last year she was a born again religious woman and all is in the past and they need to be on a united front is so full of shit. 

Sd23 needs permission from mummy and police stepdad to see her dad. It hit hubby that our 2 toddlers together are so far advanced compared to his 3 elder dimwits... our 2 toddlers have more independent skills that his 3 kids aged 23.5, 21 and 14.5. hubby said he actually want to fly here end of next week for the long weekend as he just can’t be in his country dealing with this.

so steptalk, looks like we’ll have a 40yr old sd still needing mummy’s and stepdads  permission to do anything. This is the dimwit hubby pulled strings for to get a job at a national govt superannuation fund when she sat dead silent at the interview when asked the usual job interview questions, who demanded daddy get her incompetent cousin from mummys batshit crazy family a job at hubbys company when she clearly sucked just as bad as sd at job interview. Looks like stupidity and dimwittedness runs in their family...

this shit couldn’t have happened at a more ideal time for hubby. What hits me now is sd14, she has always shown to me something was off but sd23.5 who controls her and is totally brainwashed by biomum is always there around her to keep her in line from speaking..., like she knows this situation is so effed up and she wants out, she wants her daddy but sd23 is who hubby needs to seek permission to visit her as she makes the rules.

yup bio dad needs to ask his eldest daughter permission to see his minor kid which he has joint custody for.

i felt like telling hubby to grow a pair of balls and tell sd23 she is an adult who has to ask mummy to visit her dad and mummy said she was a changed person and wanted the kids to be united with their dad and our kids (their half siblings) except she has denied at every possibility which means what she said is a lie. We all know a shitstorm will happen if hubby says this to sd23. Another part of me wants to tell hubby since he is rich enough that he nail this crazy bitch in court and demand visitation of his daughter and sole custody since her mum has palmed off her to sd23 and sd23 bans visits unless bio mum says ok... but that creates another shitstorm and further damages the non existent crumbly relationship they have... it just seems lose lose. Why fight for sd14 who is already partially brainwashed with bio mums crap and by default follows sd23 for everything.