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Dreading the trip this weekend.

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We (DH, his kid and I) are traveling out of state to attend a graduation ceremony for one of DH's family member. We're leaving bright and early tomorrow morning. Up until today I assumed his kid would punk out, or Uberskank would tell DH that she couldn't go for whatever reason crossed her harpy-like mind.

Unfortunately, she's going and I have to be honest. I would rather forfeit the extra days off then be stuck in a car for 12 hours with DH and his kid. He has been extremely cranky these last few days and I can't stand being around him right now.

His kid....well, she's not horrible but I'd rather not spend so many hours having to listen to her running diatribe on 16 year old high school drama. Plus she smells. Lke "teen spirit" if you know what I mean. Blech. :sick:

His kid will have command of DH's tablet for movies, so all I'll have is my iPod and books. Which I can't read in the car anyway. Looks like I'm sleeping. A lot.

Damn.....I wish I could stay at home!!!!


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Ugh, I don't envy you! Our last road trip with SD wasn't too bad, but never again. Maybe you can download a book to your ipod?

Good luck and have a safe trip!