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And I'm the one who isn't loving or motherly...

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Would someone please tell me why we had to cancel our romantic weekend, dinner at our favorite restaurant and alone time before my husband leaves on an extended business trip? Oh yeah...that's right. Because Mother of the Year is a selfish, self-serving, irresponsible POS.....that's why.

She texts DH on Thursday (before MD Weekend) and tells DH she's dropping their kid off at 7pm. When he texts her back, reminding her it's MD weekend and that supersedes the EOW schedule, he received this response.....

"I HAVE PLANS.....the other dads are taking her sisters, so you're taking X too!"

What kind of mother, four times divorced, twice to the same guy, ditches all three of her kids on her Special Weekend? I just don't get it.

And if Mother of the Year thinks DH is giving up Father's Day weekend with his child, because it's her scheduled weekend then she's got another thing coming.

I'm so glad ST is back. I've been wanting to VENT about this since last week. Blum 3


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If your DH isn't the residential parent, he should tell her to get a babysitter then. If he keeps on letting her walk on him, it will only get worse as time goes by. He should nip this in the bud.

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I agree-- my FH and his ex do something called "right of first refusal" so if she did this she would have to call and offer the weekend to him, before a babysitter. This has made it hard for us to establish any priorities for us- historically he has dropped everything for his son, but I don't think it's always fair to us and our life together (let alone any children we might bring into it). I think I would feel more generous if I didn't have some issues with some of the parenting stuff my FH does. But I am also tired of feeling such instability and having no time that get lets to us. In a strange way your posting makes me feel better- that it happens in many, many experiences. I'm sorry your weekend together got ruined!
Question for you-- if you complain about this does your DH hear it as complaints about his child? My FH does-- this is also part of the problem. I feel that I am just supposed to graciously accept whatever gets thrown my way or else it gets taken up as some kind of negative comment about his son!

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Crazy witch did this a few I started going out w/my friends alone or to a party w/out DH...he was stuck at home then 3 weeks in a row so crazy witch could do what she wanted...he was very angry for a while, but I let him knowthat if I was not her mother to be consulted, I also didn't have an obligation to stay home as I was nothing to her and had no voice in the matter...after a couple of months of him being stuck at home alone, he stopped it.

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Oh my god, are you married to my husband as well, BM pulls that shit on us all the time, and he never ever says no, he thinks its great cos he gets the kids despite it not being his access weekend, yet its me that looks after them and she still gets the child support. I am with you, its an absolute joke that these women get to do what they want when they want.

Do what herewegoagain said, i have gradually started doing that too, maybe then the men might start saying no

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To be honest, I wanted him to tell UberSkank....too bad, so're not getting your way. However, there is so much back history to this situation and there are going to be times when DH has to do right by his kid. Which means I have to suck it up and build those Karma points.

The three girls (DH's kid and her sisters) have the worst mother in the world. She always puts herself and her needs before her own kids. As crappy as it is to have to postpone our lives because of her idiotic choices, there is only so much suffering I think these kids need.

I have a feeling the other two dads felt the same way as DH, do I really want my daughter to be kicked to the curb by both parents? Which is why all three of them took their daughters over Mother's Day.

Trust me, there are times when DH has told her NO, because she waited until the last minute to change plans.

My mantra....four more years! Four more years! Biggrin