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Update (he won't)

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I usually try to make my blog entry standalone so you have the information whether you read my previous ones or not. But this time  things are quite related to the previous info and if you want I would refresh yourself by looking at the previous one "will he or won't he?" and "BM and a funeral." Because things have taken an interesting turn.

MeddlesomeSIL hung out with SD15 all this weekend but kept her to herself and didn't visit any of DH's other family members. However she did hang out with the family friend who is a widow now and loves BM (see the funeral blog). 

DH was only able to talk to SD15 when MeddlesomeSIL put her on her phone. SD15 will not communicate with DH directly even though she has her own phone. Of course while talking to DH in front of MeddlesomeSIL She is all sweet and loving and says how much she misses DH. Fake.

MeddlesomeSIL asked DH for some very expensive sporting equipment for Christmas. They debated about this for quite a while and he pretty clearly doesn't want to buy it for her but she expects it and feels like she is owed these large gifts. SD15 didn't take the bait but it seemed like she was pushing for her to ask for expensive things too. What a lovely influence.

MeddlesomeSIL called only late at night after our two little kids were asleep because SD is her favorite and she really wants nothing to do with her nieces. This is fine with me but it shows that MeddlesomeSIL's wonderful aunt act is just that, an act.

The widowed family friend has a daughter that is SD's age and they used to be friends when they were six or seven. BM more than once has guilt tripped DH about having them spend time together even though the girls aren't friends anymore. It was quite telling that it was just SD15, MeddlesomeSIL(26) and Widowfriend (49) and her daughter chose not to hang with them. It was interesting that these three particular people were hanging out together.

I'm going to be keeping an eye widowfriend. It's very sad that she's lost her husband but now she's like a ship adrift and she's being adopted by MeddlesomeSIL. 

They FaceTimed briefly and DH said that SD15 looked exactly like her mother. SD15 took it as an insult and then roasted her mom and called her out for being almost 40 lol. But it's just makes me feel so strange when DH makes these comments about how much SD looks like BM because SD is about the age she was when they met. 


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I hope he doesn't buy SIL anything. As for SD, a nice $50 old navy gift card seems pretty good, or a gift card for a book store. 

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It's so classless and entitled to tell people what to get you without them even asking. MeddlesomeSIL is a grown woman. The audacity to ask for hundreds of dollars in gifts from her brother who has a house and 3 kids to support and then arguing with him when he doesn't want to spend that much on her.

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it amazes me that she even expects it from him. remind him that "no" is not just a word, it's also a sentence

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Horse and sleigh are on the road.  What a beautiful ATM time of the year