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SD12's birthday is next month

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Sd12's birthday is a month away oh, you all know what that means right? It's the same thing that happens between late November and Christmas. step kids are suddenly a lot more responsive, communicative, sweet and interested in dear old Dad's life. Why the predictable change in behavior? They have to get Dad to drop big money on presents.

My husband gleefully showed me the text exchange he just had with SD it was all heart emojis and I miss yous from her. Though it's funny that she says she misses him but hasn't responded to anything in a month and a half. She has her own iPad and phone and the messages that my husband sins are read. Almost like clockwork my husband begins thinking about what gifts to send for her birthday. 

My baby daughter was fussing and I go to pick her up. My husband says that the baby is manipulating me. Whatever you say hun....



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Lol... baby is manipulating you, huh? 

You are far kinder than I. I would have snapped back something to the effect of...OH, you mean like your daughter just in time for presents?! At least baby just wants my love. 

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Examine ours children and SM's children under an electron microscope then slap on the blinders when it comes to the holy failed first families spawn.

I don't know how you ladies do it!  I got a whiff of this when awesome son was staying with us for a couple months before entering the Air Force.  Chef was making up stuff about awesome son such as he drained the lawn mower battery on purpose!!!

Awesome son was working B shift at the time and pretty much gone on the weekends other than to do a few chores to help out around the house, namely Lawn mowing.

If the baby is manipulative that makes SD a billion times more manipulative especially just before gift-giving season.

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My husband in the throes of his outrage at SS's attitude and behavior said "at least I have two good kids." Meaning our bios.

DH knows SS only contacts him when he wants money, video games etc. 

Why is it my husband sees the forest for the trees but yours doesn't?