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Post weekend vents about DH

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Just annoyed with "D"H.

SD15 was here my entire in law clan plus her showed up on a Saturday when my husband had to work. I am still mad at him for pawning them off on me. He doesn't want to deal with his own family and they always bring SD along when they want to come over and know that if SD is with them we can't say no .

SD spent a long time and made a big deal of playing with my daughter's toy guitar. It's a toy so there's only so much you can do to get it in tune but this morning my daughter was playing with it and I heard this awful twangy noise and then picked it up to check it out and the strings were all floppy. Thanks SD. Yet another time where she acts like she is an expert but doesn't know anything.  Of course my in-laws were swooning when she was pretending to tune the little guitar like she was the next Taylor Swift or something. They all left before my DH got home from work so he spent the evening trying to get info about everyone from me. I didn't have any of this info because I didn't really speak with them that much. I just got annoyed and said that if he wanted this info he should talk to them himself. 

SD bragged about how she was starting tennis and other extracurriculars (DH either hasn't been told to fork over his half yet or has neglected to mention these new expenses to me). And how she needs these for her resume. I wanted to tell her "listen SD there are thousands of kids who are applying to college with a whole list of extracurriculars and other organized programs. There are tons of kids whose parents will pay all sorts of money for these self-improvement bullet points. If you really want to stand out you need to do something yourself and show that you have some sort of passion, and some volunteering certainly wouldn't hurt." But oh well. SD is not really a self-starter but I'm sure she will get into college and do just fine. 

On Sunday we decided to get our younger daughter's ears pierced. We let the girls pick some toys and things from Claire's (a kids accessory store) afterwards. As we were checking out DH spots the tiaras and tells me he once spent 300 to get a tiara for SD. Not only is it super rude to be buying a gift for one person and bring up how you spent more on a gift for somebody else, but it's just dumb to spend that much money on a toy (this was sometime before I met SD so she was likely 5 or under). He's done this before like we will stay at a hotel and he will point out a nicer fancy hotel that he stayed at with SD and or BM. It's like he periodically needs to remind me how SD and BM had more expensive taste or something. I just told him that was dumb of him. 

DD3 wanted an astronaut costume and Halloween is coming so whatever I get it. Pretty much every little kid wants to be an astronaut at some point so I start talking to her about how if she wants to go into space she needs to study really hard so she can be very smart and eat healthy so she can be strong... etc...stuff like that. DH interjects that SD is doing really well at school and- I just continue talking to our daughter because I DONT CARE. Stop trying to make everything about SD if you wanted to see her maybe you shouldn't have oked her and your family coming while you were at work. 

Come to think of it maybe DH is sending more money to be in lately he has recently gotten a raise but has complained about having less spending money. Our finances are partially separated so he has some secondary accounts that I don't have access to though I can see his main one. Maybe it's time for us to sit down and he can give me a full disclosure of the financials so I can plug up the leak.

DH also had a pout about how dd3 never mentions SD but she will bring up her little friends and even some of our adult friends that she only sees once every few months. I told him that's because those people take the time to play with her and connect with her. But he seemed upset that our daughter asks about 5-year-old girl that we haven't seen for 3 months because she moved away more than she mentions her own half sister. Sounds like another case of that sounds like a DH problem not a me problem.




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Hold the phone. Why on earth were YOU the hostess?? What a crock. I'd leave or not answer the door. That's bloody rude and inconsiderate of your H. And if it's a matter of they showed up and THEN he left? Everyone would be shown the door. "Oh, what a shame. I have plans with my kids. See you next time!"

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That was actually my plan but they were all so wishy washy about plans and timing that they showed up as I was getting ready to take my kids out. I managed to get them out of the house pretty quick and took them to a intagramable park to get those family pictures then they were on their way. 

I did kind of want H to have to deal with them but made them get on their way asap. Strangely they didn't seem to care to see H either. 

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Oh hell no. DH would be getting my full fury at every question he bothered to mutter to me about his family when he wasn't there and left me to entertain.

I'm angry on your behalf. That's such crap.

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Right?! My response would be, "If you want to know, YOU should've been there. And this is the last time *I* entertain them solo."

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To all of this..

What stuck was your DUH mentions he stayed at a nicer hotel or bought more expensive toys for SD and BM.

What the actual F!  Dang from now on honey The Ritz it is, and gold studded diamonds for toys. 

"Duh I had way better sex with my ex, it was much longer and more passionate"  LOL