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Only the best for princess SD

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No matter the situation SD14 always determines what the best of anything is and claims it for herself. 

We go to the beach or pools and she takes the best towel (usually mine!) even though she picked out her own towel. 

Ever since she was little at amusement parks she always had to pick the front or best seat and if we were there with kids her age she would make them take the less desired seat. My in laws and husband were always so proud of her for being "assertive." I always thought she was being a spoiled brat.

When we go out to eat she would always order something either expensive or something custom made. If we're out of the restaurant and whatever she gets doesn't meet her expectations and she starts eyeing your plate and it's expected that you'll switch or give her half.

If the TV is on she has to pick what everyone watches and they have to endure her talking over the movie or show the whole time to tell you all her inane throughts about it. 

Oftentimes when we eat she would only eat the best part of something and then give the rest of it to my husband. The most recent example is eating all of the skin off of a chicken leg and then giving my husband the nibbled up meat to finish up. If there are a bunch of pieces of food to pick from she will usually touch each one and move them all around until she finds the "best" one.

If there is a cake she will always pick off the decorations for herself.

If we are at a party or bbq, she has to be at the front of the line when food is served.

She is very used to getting first choice of everything, never having to share, and never getting called out for entitled behavior. I doubt she even realizes how rude she's being because no one will point it out to her, except me of course and then when I do she will look around for my DH to see if she actually has to listen. She has got 3 siblings altogether and still acts like she is an only child. 


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I'm wondering what dad thinks about all this.   I read somewhere that its a parent's job to raise kids that other people would want to be around, like teachers, bosses, future spouses.  He might feel like he's doing her a favor to overlook or minimize her unattractive behavior.  Maybe if he could look at it from a future boss's angle, he might rethink his parenting.  In any case, I feel for you, not only for having to live this but knowing it's not helpful to SD in the long run.

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He does not seem to see it or he will make some excuse about her only being with us for a few days. I've gotten to see it evolve over the years from typical kid behavior that wasn't addressed to a bratty entitled teen. 

I think deep down my DH knows, he just doesn't do anything about it and would rather indulge SD than set any expectations for her. I hate the weekends she here where there aren't any rules for her but everyone else is expected to be a decent person.

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What's wrong with her parents that they're allowing this to happen? Surely they realize that this is not good for SD. SMH.

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What an annoying entitled brat.

Bet she makes and more importantly keeps friends easily. NOT

Each and everytime the lil snot touches food etc call her out on it. Tell her that is disgusting and please do not touch food that everyone is eating. Its gross.

She takes the best seat, loudly say "move it princess thats my seat" or "buckle up princess its gonna be a bumpy ride in the back"

These skids can be so annoying. My ex SD was just like that, and daddio would cater to it.

Assertive? Yea Id tell DH and the in laws "thats not assertive its DANG RUDE and selfish"


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I do call her out quite a bit! She just proceeds to stay out of my sight and continues to do it anyway. 

The taking all the decorations off the cake really got to me. I don't care for them myself but it was so selfish. I said that maybe someone else wanted some and she then divvyed them out. Most people declined and let her keep them or thanked her like she have the idea to generously share them on her own. So yeah no consequence if anything she got praised after being selfish. 

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I think we could swap SDs and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. She acts exactly the same way.  

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The Animal Torturer was Chef's widdle pwincess.  A horrid bully, selfish to the end and mean girl. 

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Do not let her get away with it if it directly involves you - would you tolerate that from any other person? 

Taking your beach towel?  NO. I bought myself one for me and me only because of this SAME issue. OSD would take the BEST things for herself, hands down even if she knew someone else used them. So I started keeping my towel in my closet - not even DH gets to use it (or he'd give it to an SD back then or he'll use it for himself and it would end up being a sweat towel when he's exercising). She takes it?  While you are watching? No, you tell her to bring it back, it's your towel or you go and get it from her. She has her own right? One she picked out (I found out this was important)?

This is just one way to handle it - as for food taking, yes, I called both SDs out on this each time whether or not anyone else was there or at a restaurant. If she gets someone else to trade a plate with her, then forget it but NOT yours. And you are not paying for her expensive choices, right? 

Are you disengaging from her?

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Princess SD  - well, I would say something if shes grabbing food. Towels too.

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I would have thought she was an only child. My SD behaved like this and was an absolutely unbearable monster those ages (until 16)-but she was an only child.   I understand how you feel.  I had absolute misery those years with her during visits.

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Her parents are creating a bratty monster that will not be able to function as and adult because **shocker** she will realize the world doesn't revolve around her!

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Killjoy is like that.

Does she do the thing where she can't find a single item on the menu she can eat?  Especially if she didn't get to pick the restaurant, or if stopping somewhere wasn't her idea.  Killjoy did that.  She'd get a pissy look on her face and refuse to order, often wouldn't even look at the menu.  Ah, the fond memories.  We drove by an icecream parlor the other day and I remembered that time we went in and she just stood there all pugnacious and refused to order.  I guess we were supposed to beg her to have a treat.

Food was her primary means to punish and control the people around her.

Any time I surprised my kids with treats, it was The Best Day Ever.


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Omg.  I've been dying to ask this before.

The one time that stands out the most, we were on vacation, playing minigolf, and she was dragging äss because it wasn't her idea.  We were all starving, so we stopped at a hotdog stand, the only thing around, and she folded her arms and snotted, "I'm not having one."  A few hours later, we were shopping for souvenirs, and she complained she was hungry, because we "didn't feed her lunch".  I said, "We all ate...make better choices", and she got the ugliest rage look on her face.  No one in the history of mankind has ever been more oppressed than Killjoy.  The little bïtch.  I've never wanted to slap someone so much in my life.  We went back to the hotel to dress for the AYCE buffet, and she asked DH if she could have some potato chips (from the room).  Instead of saying No, he said, "A couple".  I told him privately I was gonna shove the chips directly up his äss.

No wonder she's such a twat.  I don't understand how someone can sustain being miserable all the time like that.


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Or they demand vegan you're pulling Thanksgiving dinner out of the oven.  And then go to Boston Market the next day.

The world everntually lets these entitled brats know they are actually not the center of the universe though. Bratty is finding this out the hard way LOL.

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And to top it off, after all that she still can't comprehend why you don't want to be her stepmommy....

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