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My mini wife

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I thought that my husband had maybe see my internet history because he has been complaining about all the same things that I have been complaining about!  Yesterday my husband called our daughter "mini wife." I got scared for a moment thinking that he has seen me lurking on the step parenting sites but It turns out he was just calling or many wife because she is a tiny version of me.

I had began to wonder if he was checking my browser history because after posting about the gift demanding my husband was ranting quite a bit about his family and their gift demanding nature. I guess maybe we are just on the same wavelength lately. He remembered another incident where he was out shopping with his family and he bought something for himself and his mother said "that is from me happy birthday." this incident happened several years ago but my husband is still burnt up about it because it's something he purchased for himself that his mom tried to take credit for as a birthday gift. it would be different if he was about to check out and she swooped in to purchase it but he bought it himself.

He then went on to complain about the time that they came for Christmas and had presents for everybody except him. it takes some balls to demand expensive gifts from somebody and not even bring them something for a holiday spent in their house!

An uncle called my husband to check up on him. He asked about SD 12 and my husband did not mince words, he said that she was home from school but somehow still too busy to even reply to a phone call or text. He had no plans to see her. 

I have to say it is very nice when my husband has the same feelings about his family members that I do.