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Birthday season

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Like clockwork my SD14 will start talking to DH more about a month before her birthday and before Christmas. Well her birthday is a month out so she actually answered DHs call today! 

DH, fearing that he won't get another response from SD before her birthday, asks her what she wants. She says a new phone and that BM won't buy it for her. DH says "I'm not interested in getting you a new phone since you hardly ever answer my calls on this one." Oh man bravo DH! Calling her out and setting a boundary! 

So that means one of two things, SD will actually talk to DH all of this month in hopes of getting a new phone, or she'll have an attitude and go right back to silence. 

DH tried to arrange to get her this month and I don't think SD realizes that she would be way more likely to get an expensive gift if she actually agreed to DH seeing her. She said she was busy and having a birthday party with her friends, before DH even suggested dates. DH would buy SD anything she wants if she would just talk to him and let him see.her once in a while. 


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Isn't it sad when these dads have to try to buy their kid's time and attention? 

My SD just came up for a visit and I swear DH was trying to compete with her half-brother for her time. He wanted to wine and done them so they spend time with us. Nope. I'm not the damn cruise director.

 Good for your husband for not making a fool out of himself like mine does.