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another blog mentioned ss peeing...

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It's not REALLY an issue for me - people everywhere do it all the time and it seems like an acceptable thing... but I HATE HATE HATE when males are too lazy to go use the bathroom and instead, decide to take a leak outdoors.

Ok so MAYBE it's an issue for me.

We're not camping, we're not out in the middle of nowhere... we're sitting on the deck, 10 feet away from a toilet... you just got up and walked 10 feet in one direction to piss off the deck into the bushes... could you not have walked the other way to piss in the can?


DH doesn't do it anymore, but allows SS to do it. SS does it against my house. I always make a big deal out of it... and I always make dh go make sure little mister piss hands has washed his hands... I also make dh go behind ss and wipe down everything ss touched with his peehands...

DH thinks it's funny. I think it's absolutely disgusting. SS had hand foot mouth disease in the early summer... and I keep reminding dh that's where it comes from. Unwashed toilet hands.



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Secret I think it must be a guy thing. I am with you it is disgusting. Kind of lazy to. And not washing your hands really bothers me. I seen pictures of your home and it is so nice and clean I can see why this would bother you. By the way, I love how you painted your kitchen. Couldn't post that day but wanted to let you know it looks beautiful.

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he allows his kid to pee outside??

AND he thinks it's funny?

Yeah, it will be HILARIOUS when the kid does it at school and your husband gets THAT phone call.

I guess I am glad that your husband doesn't do it anymore, but that means that he used to pee in public?

Ewwww. Ick. So gross.

Totally with you on this one...

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Yes. He doesn't think it's a big deal that boys/men pee outdoors.

He thinks it's funny that I get all up in arms about it, not so much that SS pees outdoors. That, he only thinks is not as big a deal as I make it out to be.

I don't know if DH pees in public... I've never seen him do it... but I'm sure he's peed against a dark alley wall in his day... most men have. SO GROSS.

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yeah, it's all fun and games until someone gets a citation for public nudity.

I just. I can't even...

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Yeah, it's disgusting.

But hey, cool, let's subject everyone else to pee hand germs on the deck railing, door handle, table, chairs, outdoor toys..... I dry heave just thinking about it.

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Leave a hose on the deck. When the kid pees hose him and the house down immediately.

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There is a hose outside, on the side of the deck. I might get DH to start doing this too, each and every time.

Can't wait for the winter, where DH tries to teach SS to write his name in the snow.... where I will promptly lose my SH!T.

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LOL. This is not good. He could grow up to be like Ozzie Osbourne at the Alamo. Wink

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gross gross gross gross gross.

I was toying with the idea of getting a GoGirl... and using it - just to teach DH a lesson.

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GoGirl, I had to look that up. Never heard of it. It would be a great gag gift for your DH for Christmas.

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It wouldn't be a total loss. DH and I do both enjoy being out in nature... I could see myself using it off the side of a boat on a fishing trip. }:)

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From personal experience they are REALLY great if you are on an extended hike in the middle of nowhere. 5 miles in and another 3 to go and these things are almost a life saver.

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It seems that just because they are able to some men seem to think they should pee outdoors.

I agree with you this shouldn't be an every day thing.

I understand emergencies as I've seen it happen.

For example SO, I, and the kids were at a family members birthday. They lived out in the woods and only had one bathroom. SO's son suddenly had to go and someone else was in the bathroom. The owner of the home flat out told SO to allow his son to "go behind the shed". Given the person was going to be in the bathroom SO allowed it. This was a special case and the exception was made for a 4 year old.

If a bathroom is available it should be used. Even if it does mean having to walk a little further. It's understandable for young boys still learning but I think doing this in excess harms their ability to recognize and think ahead when it comes to using the restroom.

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I guess I shouldn’t tell anybody when I used to surf cold waters, its is a great feeling to pee in your wetsuit. Warms you right up. Blum 3 Blum 3 Blum 3

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I think it's disgusting and annoying AF. I HATEEEEEE those stupid stickers that people put on their cars of the kid "pissing on" whatever it is they don't like. I also hate it when people post pics of little kids pissing outside and people actually think it's cute. No it's not cute, I don't want to see your child's ass and I don't want to see your child's piss stream. GROSS!

My ex, used to do this stupid crap, he would literally walk from INSIDE the house to the back deck and piss off the deck... when he could have just walked in the other direction and used the toilet. Used to drive me nuts. One time this summer when BS7 and I were hiking at a state park near us, some freaking imbecile was standing behind some shed thing obviously taking a piss. Like seriously??? the public restrooms were about .10 a mile away, and if you just cannnn't wait, then for the love of pete, get further behind the shed so we don't have to see your nasty ass.

My BS7 has NEVER peed outside. There was one time we were out for a walk and he said we needed to hurry up and get home because he needed to use the bathroom, I told him if he had to go really bad, he could go behind a tree in the woods. He refused, thought I was a lunatic for suggesting that and waited until we got home to use the bathroom.... like a freaking non-Neanderthal, normal people do.

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Have you ever noticed that in many tv shows/movies, it's not uncommon for there to be a scene with a male peeing somewhere?

Drives me crazy. Like... what is the purpose. Really. WHY does there need to be a scene about pee. Can it not be... oh, I dunno, popping a zit or blowing their nose, or something a little less gross.

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I am reasonably certain I shared this story several months ago, but here it goes again.

Shortly after our new RENTER neighbors moved in, I looked across our yard into their yard AND there it was. Miss Things 4 year old boy with his pants down piddling RIGHT in the middle of the yard.
Her response to me was "POTTY TRAINING, WHAT YA GONNA DO"???
How about taking your 4 year old into the bathroom. Is what I should have said.
I will never forget it.

This is the same woman who just recently started using a MEGA PHONE (NO JOKE) to call her kids inside. That too is no joke.

My dh said what the hell is that.???? Our youngest came running out of the house scared saying MOM what going on??? are the police here?

Thank God they are moving near the end of the month.
Secret, my dh will do that once and awhile. Just this past weekend while we were having cocktails by our fire pit. He jumped UP out of her chair and walked into the corner.
I said WHAT are you doing...I thought he was getting more wood. OH JUST going to the bathroom....
Did you forget we have 3 inside? :O