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No, I will not drop SS off at my sister's house when he is sick!

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SS12 must have picked up some airplane crud when he flew back from his mother's. So he was laying around with his face on the couch pillows all day yesterday with kleenex sticking out of his nostrils to catch the drips. And that evening he still had a low-grade fever of 99.5.

So when DH is about to leave for work he asks me if my sister is going to come pick up the boys, or if I'm dropping them off on my way to work. Well, whenever she is kind enough to watch the boys, I drop them off since her house is right on the way. I don't expect her to make a 40 mile round trip to pick up the kids from our house when she's already doing us the favor of watching them and taking them to do something fun with my nephew and niece. So I said no, she's not coming, and I'm not taking SS12 anywhere today since he's sick. So DH gets mad and says that DS13 isn't allowed to go over there either. DH knew that my sister was planning on taking all of the kids to the movies, and he didn't want SS12 to miss out. I understand. It's a bummer, but that's life. When you're sick, you don't go to other people's houses and spread your germs. You stay at home and rest so that you can get better. I understand that it's a potential disapointment for SS12, but 1/2 the time he's invited to do something with my side of the family, he declines or flakes out at the last minute anyway. And why should DS13 have to miss out just because his step-brother is sick? DS decided to stay at the house and keep SS company anyway, but still. I hate the tension that my DH starts over this kind of stuff. DS stayed home alone several times a week during the whole summer, and SS has opted to stay home alone on numerous occasions too, so it's not like he's just being abandoned there. Anyways, my DH downplayed the whole thing, saying that SS probably only had allergies, or a runny nose due to the change in atmospheric pressure. But when I went to check on SS this morning he had a sore throat and had developed a cough, so there was no way that I was going to let him go get my sister and her kids sick too. That's so inconsiderate. And DH just acts like my sister (who knew nothing about SS being sick yet) and I are just completely unreasonable. Well DH, you are always demanding that I treat SS just like DS, and I do. DS would not be getting dropped off over at Auntie's either if he had a fever the night before, a runny nose, sore throat, and cough.


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Oh no you've gotten it all wrong. "Treat skid like you would a biokid" really means treat skid like they walk on water and 100x better than you would a biokid.

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Yeah, if the "treat my son exactly like you treat your son" demand isn't the biggest catch-22 there is. Wink

And DH fails to see his own hypocrisy. If he's to treat my son exactly like his, then why would he demand that he have to stay home too?

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i would have come right and told dh that it is ds's choice whether he goes or not, as he is not sick. i would have told him when one kid is sick, that does not mean all kids have to act sick. ask him if ss is sick and stays home from school, does that mean ds gets to miss school too? ask him if he would make ss miss out on something just because ds was sick. you have to show him how freaking stupid he is being. that really burns my ass.

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That reminds me how one time DH took the day off of work and kept SS home from school for the day just because DS was on a field trip. So yes, that's exactly how he thinks, but when the shoe is on the other foot, then he acts reasonably (which is then unreasonable because of the double-standard). Ugh! :sick:

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I honestly do not know how some of you put up with these irrational demanding men.

I treat my dog (who is adorable) better than I treat SS27. so what. SS is nothing to me.