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Good News on multiple fronts

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First all has been quiet on the BM front. Kids can and are calling their dad while at her house we get them back this evening.

Secondly his new apartment complex called, the tenants that had his apartment previously moved out early and the apartment was cleaned/prepped/ready earlier than expected so they told him he could move in early, that gave him/us all week this week to move his things he and the kids will spend their first night at the apartment this evening!

Return of the rational BM

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Around 2 yesterday the incessant phone calls and texts stopped. This afternoon SO had an email from her apologizing, stating she talked with someone (likely her attorney) that helped her realize she was not acting in the best interests of the children with her behaviors, and far from helping her financial situation it was liable to cost her more in attorney fees. (YME did you find her and talk sense into her?)

We have the kids :-)

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SO picked them up from school when it was over for the day. According to the kids they were planning on taking the bus home to his house despite BM ordering them to take it to her house. It does appear that even the kids realise that BM is not acting in an appropriate manner. Currently we are all at my house, gives the kids and SO a breather as BM can't get past the gate, however they have to go home eventually and I am afraid that won't be so peaceful. I, myself am also worried about her trying to take the kids from school herself tomorrow.

How do you women deal with this for years??

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BM has lost not just her mind but her dignity, self respect, sanity, common sense and any semblance of humanity in the last few days. I understand that she is not happy that she is no longer receiving CS and now has to pay it. Instead of putting on her big girl panties one foot at a time and hauling them up, tying a knot and getting to work on life and budgeting she has gone into a drama mode that would cause Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and the entire Kardashian clan to cringe and blush.

A question for the BM's on this board.

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I picked up my SO's kids this afternoon, FSS has practice this evening and SO has to be at an orientation class for his school so I volunteered to take fss to practice for him, fsd asked to go along so she wasn't sitting around the house bored by herself. Reality is while Fss practices baseball, I let her practice driving my car, which is what she wanted to do. She will drive my car around the parking lot practicing turns, parrallel parking, backing up, quick stops for the hour and a half that practice is going on.

Child support calculations, financial dealings and helping a man cope with being unable to provide.

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We received from the attorney his response to BM's attempt at increasing child support while SO is on unemployment. Previously SO made 80k per year, BM made 50k per year. SO was required to pay her $1250.00 a month for child support despite having the children 50% of the time. The attorney filed it as an emergency change in financial support, the hearing on it is next Wednesday 05/04/11 with a magistrate.