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BM committed for a psych eval and treatment.

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This is not a post slamming BM. Today is court was horrible. Beyond a train wreck. It was a first hand look at seeing someones mental faculties unravel and you are totally powerless; incapable of stopping the disaster unfolding before you.

DBM's day in court ended with BM being remanded to the local Psychiatric Hospital for a full 30 day evaluation. Must spend 30 days in patient. This sentence was handed down after she told the judge to "F*ck off you aint got no powwa ova me."

This woman has a bachelors degree in communications and was speaking ghetto-ese fluidly! SO told the judge he has never seen her act like this and something has to be wrong with her, thus looney bin instead of contempt/ jail for speaking to the judge like that.

When she gets out of her forced 'vacation' she has 30 days of jailtime for violating the RO, a year of probation, mantatory anger management classes and the RO has been extended indefinately.

SO talked to the prosecuter and advised there would be custody issues during her forced confinement. He was allowed by the judge to call his attorney who came over for an emergency motion for change in custody. SO has full custody of his kids, BM allowed supervised visitation until her anger management courses have been completed then custody will be revisited. Attorney will write it up and the judge will sign it Monday or Tuesday but it is effective immediately.

The woman is a pain in my butt. She is insulting, degrading, annoying and entitled. But I have to agree with SO, the behavior seen today is not typical of her. The way she was talking is not typical, even the way she was walking and her body language was all wrong. She is either having a serious psychotic break or she is on drugs.

I am honestly leaning towards something mentally being wrong with her. I am not saying that to be mean, I really honestly think there is a disease manifesting itself within her. This woman loves her kids, truly loves them: but when stripped of custody she just shrugged. No tears.

I feel sick and dirty after watching it happen.


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Its about time these judges start looking at the whole picture and start holding these birth parents accountable. Look at the guy that just recently killed his kids and blew up his house. If the judges would stop thinking kids are automatically better off with their birth parents stuff like this would never happen.

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I hope she get the help she needs. Obviously there is something VERY wrong with her. At least she will get some analysis and safety for herself and everyone else.

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very disturbing. as much as i think i want bm to lose it, i really don't. i just want her to grow up and be a better person. i'm glad the kids have you guys and i hope bm gets the help she needs.

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^^^^^ THiS^^^^^

I feel the same way. I hope everything improves after BM gets the help she needs.

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Wow, just wow. I think the judge did the right thing it's obvious just jail time wouldn't benefit this woman and maybe 30 and 30 will get her head clear and she can pull her shit together. I to have been witnessing a mental breakdown right next door (exH's bff lives next door) she's gone batshit a few times and though I feel no pity for that woman I do for her kids, her bf, and her exH whom she lives with (yep bf and exH under the same roof) She went postal on her bf's car and her ex using her kids toys as weapons and I called the cops (yes with a little giggle and evil grin) she took off and I helped her family clean up and they didn't press charges (she destroyed every window of her bf's car and several items in the home)but she did go get mental help and the meds she needed to have legally this time and I've not heard a crazy peep out of her all winter (and hopefully the warm weather won't change that)
I hope she is better when she gets out and my thoughts are with your family that everyone can be healthy and happy through this.

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I hate to say this about anyone... but it sounds a lot like my MIL. She can be so well spoken and smart when she wants to be, but when the drugs AND mental issues take over, its like watching a total stranger. And as much destruction she has caused in my life, I hate seeing her like this. It has progressively gotten worse over the past 2 years.

Sadly, I wish she would just get herself in to legal trouble so the judge can order her to go get the help she needs. You guys lucked out (I used that term for lack of better one) that this happened in front of a judge so she has no choice but to get some help. If it is subtance abuse, they will know.

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How very sad, for everyone. We are all connected (whether we like it or not) and her coming undone hurts her kids, DH and you. I'm sending good juju your way. I'm hopeful things will improve once she gets the help & meds she clearly needs.