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Feeling pretty low about Thanksgiving

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For the past 8 years, every holiday was affected by the fact that SS was being kept from us. It definitely put my DH in a funk and it affected me as a result as well.

Now SS is back with us but not under the circumstances we'd hoped. So the general feeling in the air is of disappointment again.

I'm just taking our kids to my parents for the holiday. DH will be staying behind so SS doesn't do anything stupid.

Congrats BM, you have definitely won. There is a special place in hell for parents who do parental alienation. Nothing but destruction is left in it's wake.


Update on alienated SS living with us

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So DH recently bought tickets for SS's girlfriend to visit us here.


He hoped that it would maybe extend an olive branch to SS.


Well three days before the flight, SS's girlfriend breaks up with him. Which logically speaking was the only conclusion.


And SS has shown all his anger at DH as expected. 


I'm trying to separate myself and my children from this conflict. But I can see that they're confused by someone who is living in our basement apartment who they've been told is their brother who won't even be around us.



Our kidnapped SS was forcibly returned to us because of my husband and I'm at my limit

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I know I come off like an evil bitch but I'm emotionally worn out.


When my SS was 10, BM took him to her home country for a "holiday" and refused to let him come back unless my DH agreed to change the custody agreement to make her country SS's primary residence. This happened literally three days after our wedding. 


My DH tried to fight it for years but he couldn't do much from our country. They never came to an agreement.