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Tired of DH getting jerked around while BM gets to do whatever she wants

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This is what makes me so angry about the situation with my skids. BM gets away with doing whatever she wants - she moved the kids across the state without permission, turned them against their dad by sharing all of the details of the divorce and tells the kids they don't need to visit. And she continues to get away with that and jerk DH around.

The judge put them in court mandated family therapy rather than charging BM with contempt for violating the CO. But BM gets to call the shots on the therapist and the time of the appointment. DH has a hard time taking time off from work to drive across the state to a therapy appointment. BM says she can't drive and the kids can't have their busy social lives interrupted to go to family therapy. So DH got yelled at by the judge and parenting coordinator for not putting his kids first and going to the appointment that fit with the kids' schedule and was close to BM.

There was suppose to be another appointment today, and DH had taken time off work. But his daughter claimed she's sick and so the appointment has been rescheduled for next week during a time that DH absolutely can't go to (BM knew had been told this so she knew it when she made the appointment). The next available appointment in January because the therapist is on vacation. So BM gets to once again claim he's the problem to the parenting coordinator.

Nothing BM has done has put the kids first but no one will call her on it. She continues to be able to make everything as difficult as possible for DH so he looks bad. I hate that she can get away with this and be so smug about it.