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Sunday was DH birthday.   My kids went with their grandparents and DH and I went out to lunch.  However, since it was his dad's birthday , he called down to SS to see if he wanted to go with us.  No answer, he was sleeping so we left.  Had a nice lunch and came back home.  His dad puttered around the house doing odds and ends jobs that needed done.  Garage organizing, etc.  SS never came up , no contact nothing.   Dinner time came and went, nothing.   Monday morning.  School calls, SS was absent for morning attendance.    He left at 7:15 so where was he, he told dad he was late for first hour.   He of course was alseep when I got home.   Tuesday morning, storms past his dad and me and goes to school.  However, he is home again at 12:30.  Interesting and of course alseep.  Dad firgures out that he had stopped taking his CBD gummies .  He's 17, when he runs out he should be able to ask his dad for more.  Wednesday morning, Dad goes down to wake him up, light still off when I leave for work.  I warn my daughter and son there may be yelling .   Sure enough, he gets moving but not before being angry.  Asleep and home by 1:30.  Missing school much.  Wednesday night SS starts in on Dad about how he didn't get to go out to lunch with Dad for his birthday.  Dude we tried, you were sleeping and not having any of it.   5:30 AM Thursday morning, get a phone call wake up from SS, he has wet the bed.  Dad goes down, sheets get started in the washer and his dad and I get up.    I get a call from my son about whether he should lock the door as SS is asleep on the futon in the basement and he was told to be queit.  What the heck.   So no we didn't go to school today, however, when I got home at , his car was gone and its now 6:30.  I thought if you didnt' go to school because you were "sick" you don't get to hang out with friends.   Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.   Oh yes, we now want to paint our room from the dark blue we chose to a lighter color.  I really think this guy is bipolar and we're on a upward manic swing,  Whatever it takes to spend money even though there are rooms that need paint more than his.  We have two rooms that are badly in need of paint but whatever for dear little helpless son.

On the job front, who knows.  He interviewed on the 10th of February, the manager had been out of town for a bit but who knows.   Don't know how we'll fit a job in between sleeping and skipping school.  Oh yes and hanging out with friends for hours on end.  


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He wet the bed?

Does your SS possibly have a drinking problem?  Sleeping late, mood swings, wetting the bed all sound like problem drinking to me. 

Why on earth did your SO wash those sheets?  Can your SS not wash his own?  Your SS sounds completely out of control and your SO is an ineffective and weak parent.  

Edit: Tog is right, SS needs help in one way or another.  Has he been to therapy?   It sounds like he's self-medicating.  Either way, whether it's behavioral issues/substance abuse/mental health, your SO can't just keep ignoring it.  

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I'd take him to the hospital emergency room, he's clearly having a mental health crisis. Or does your area have a mobile crisis team that will come to the home?

Did DH at least call his therapist? Does he have a psychiatrist? As Gimlet asked, what about drugs and alcohol?

I know you are disengaged, but I'd still suggest some of these things to DH. This kid needs help.