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I used to be a believer of karma

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I always used to think that eventually those who have messed around with people's lives, hurt them etc would get their comeuppance... but now I'm starting to realise that this isn't going to happen. My SO had it bad when he and BM divorced. She was left with EVERYTHING and he escaped with a car and a television. No home, no money, nothing because it was the only way he would get a quick divorce. BM cheated on my SO numerous times, and cheated on her BDs real Dad (SO is only the real dad of one of the girls), she has lied throughout all of her relationships, and left no prisoners when it has come to getting what she wants and now my SO has a better life with a beautiful home, a great job etc, he has all the things he deserves. But BM has it too. I know it is a case of, life just isn't fair and I should let it go but I just wonder if this woman will ever get what she truly deserves?!


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Bm cheated on dh as well. Dh took all the debt in the divorce. I know karma exists because it bit Bm in the ass. Dh went on to complete his college education, got a high paying job. Married me, I also have an education with a decent salary. We purchased a new home, new cars, paid off all of their debt and our debt.

Found out this week from ss that they are moving to a house across the street. Why? Because their trailer has been deemed unfit to live in. She married loser that doesn't work and had 4 more kids. Every week her car breaks downs.

You may not see karma working it's magic yet, but one day you will.

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I wish I could believe in karma but I don't. BM taught the kids to accept no authority but her - including their father. The divorce was brutal and gave her not only $6k a month in support for 5 years but now alimony for 6 more years. The alimony continues whether she remarries/cohabitates with another person. But here is the kicker - she was cohabitating for 2 years before the final settlement but told the kids not to tell their father about this guy and they obeyed. He never would have signed that if he had known but, with the help of the kids, she got away with it. He is too afraid of her to go back to court and claim fraud to void the settlement. And our house has been turned upside down with the kids literally running our lives.

Now she is moving across the country with this guy to start a brand new life and taking the youngest child with her. The oldest two - who the boyfriend deemed "too much trouble" due to their attitude, failing grades, and drug use - are staying here with him. She is getting away scott-free. And with a monthly paycheck.

So who won? BM did. And it destroyed our relationship in the process. Karma is a myth.

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Same here. I'm just WAITING for Karma to take a big oil' chunk out of BM's prodigious ass. I'm beginning to doubt she'll make it around our way. She's been getting away with everything short of murder for years now.

Well, I guess there are so many BMs to pick up along the way, it may take her a while to get to our neck of the woods!


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Our BM has been getting her Karma back 10 fold since before she even married her current husband but the shitty part is everyone knows about it but her. It kills me. I would love to spit in her face with a huge "yeah? your life is so wonderful and you are so in control of it that you have no idea your husband has been cheating on you since he started cheating with you behind his first wife's back". They moved 3 hrs away and her husband switched jobs so I don't know if he is still cheating but it seems to be a habit for him so he probably is. He actually said to the chick he was fooling around with when they lived around here "I have to break this off cuz I knocked her up on accident so now I have to marry her". romantic!

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The thing about karma is, it's not always outwardly obvious to others when somebody is getting theirs. Karma is a personal thing (positive as well as negative) between the person and the universe and if we happen to see a person get back the negativity that they have put out, that's just a bonus for those of us who have been hurt by that person.

But if we don't see it, it doesn't mean it's not happening and it doesn't mean it won't happen. It doesn't always happen in this lifetime.

Don't waste your energy thinking about it, though. Wishing for bad things to happen to somebody, even though you feel they deserve it, is putting out your own negative karma. Put out positive vibes, instead.

My husband (who is much more spiritual than me) has always prayed for and wished the best for BM, mostly because if she turned her life around, his daughter would benefit. If she doesn't ever turn her life around, well, that's on her. If bad shit happens to her, that's on her. We rest easy either way.

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I know that in a short while BM's gravy train will leave the station and following close behind will be the karma train... when CS stops.

For many MANY years BM has used her kids against DH to filch more money from him while squandering the hefty CS that was faithfully paid every single week. She made that CS her living and her income, refused to work all these years, and has not done anything to prepare herself for her future after CS.

The fact that she's now getting weird with her kids as they get older isn't helping either -- openly referring to CS as "her" money, and already telling them that if my DH doesn't continue to pay her monthly, she's kicking THEM out because she's not about to support them.

I avoid BM at all costs so rarely do we cross paths. I may never be able to witness her downfall with my own eyes, but I'll know it's happening. Plus, I think about the only reason her DH has kept her around was because of the "income" so who knows how much longer that relationship will last.

Yup, she's gonna feel it, it's going to come back to her in spades.

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I'm still waiting on Karma here. I am an easy-going person. Ask anyone who knows me. I would do whatever I could to help someone I felt deserved help. I have tried to be nice my entire life but have been taken advantage of way too many times. For those who have seriously wronged me, it doesn't seem like Karma is ever coming.

That makes me sad and makes me think I should have been a bitch instead my entire life. It seems sometimes like the liars, cheaters and thieves have a much better life.