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Is she bitter? How do you get someone to compromise- need advice?

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From EW BM to DH....what do you think of this? I have no idea what to do. The only thing that prompted this email were DF sending her an email suggesting an alternative co-parenting program offered by his health plan for $100 vs the program she wants to go to which is $175 per hour every week for 12 plus sessions. We pay over $980 per month for one child with 50% custody and $1800 per month spousal support. Who has what money? Definately not us.

Is it DF fault

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You all have dealt with a BM is non-compromising, invades your life, has her own rules and thinks the world revolves around BM and DH. From what I see on this site - the majority of DH enable the EW to treat them they way they do. The DH has behavior patterns that are pre-established with the EW - communciation methods, frequency, white lies they tell to avoid conflict, being procrastinators and non-responsive until issues escalate. How do you get a DH to not procrastinate but also not communicate with EW for every single little thing.

How do you deal with this? Gotta get this off my chest.

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Can someone answer this question - DH fiance of 2 years - constantly lies to me - or shall i say tells "white lies" - gives some of the information but not all - when it comes to communication and obligations he has agreed to with his EW. I dont get it - relationships are supposed to be built on trust and honesty. Everything else about of lives is great except the EW. She constantly calls him at work, on teh cell phone (which I pay for). Very rarely calls the house unless SS is here - then she calls the SS 5-10 times per day.

co-parenting counseling - good or bad?

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My fiance just completed custody mediation for the second time - to formalize and informal visitation arrangement - whcih the BM lied about the amount of time we have SS. This is just to avoid losing child support. So on that note, the mediators report, the court ordered both bio parents to attend co-parenting sessions - together or apart. They agreed to go together. Now I have issues about them going together - because BM still wants him back and anything she can do to exclude me from being involved with SS is her ideal goal.