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My SD from hell *UPDATE*

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I recently wrote about my stepdaughter who lives in our guesthouse and does not speak to me at all. Well, her father had a convo with her two days ago about including me in family gatherings and trying to make the effort to get to know me and she told him that she’s only polite to me and doesn’t need to have a big relationship with me. My BF told me that I was just overreacting and his daughter needs time to get used to me even though I’ve been in her life for a couple of years now.

My Stepdaughter annoys me

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I've been with my fiancee for 6 years and he has a 23-year-old daughter who lives in our guest house and pays rent and is studying at UCLA. She is very smart and outgoing but for some reason refuses to engage with me and seems to act as though I don't exist. My fiancee  is the sole provider of our household and we were using our guesthouse as a second income by renting it out to a friend of ours until he moved out and my husband decided that his daughter who was 18 at the time could live there and pay half the amount we had rented it at.