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Any recommendations on reading material on sociopathy?

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Anyone have any recommendations on any books that may help me out with learning to deal with a sociopathic stepchild? I'm sick of my weekends(every weekend) being ruined and disengaging has been impossible because of the stealing, lying, and how mean she is to my BD3. And this is definitely a parenting issue as well. FDH has his head in the sand(and a bit sociopathic as well) and BM doesn't care. BM shuffles SD around so she doesn't have to deal with her.


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I've caught her going through my things, mainly my jewelry, so many times I look for boogers(she's a picker and an eater)on my things. :sick: I don't know if she's actually taken anything of mine because I switch jewelry so seldom. She has been caught and admitted to taking things of BD's.

We live in a very small, compact would be extremely difficult for me to lock up things. This is also why disengaging has been down right impossible for me. I see her put things in her bag/pockets. I see her come up to BD and rip whatever BD has out of her hands. I see her pull her chair up to ridiculously close proximity to BD just so she can kick her. I don't trust this child. She's a criminal in the making, she's gross, mean, and manipulative.

I wish I would've audio recorded the fit she threw this weekend...all because she had to make her bed. I have three kids and I don't remember the older two behaving this way. I don't remember having to teach them so deeply about empathy, or to share to the extent this kid needs. This kid is going to be seven soon...shouldn't she be a little more socially aware than this? I've been thinking of finding a new job and there's no jobs in this state. Might be a good reason for FDH not to join me...after all, he has a little sociopath to tend.

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The Sociopath Next Door is a good book about sociopathy, but I don't think it'll help you with your situation. The author recommends one thing: putting as much distance between yourself and the sociopath as possible.

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That's a problem in itself. The mother laughs at these issues; its hilarious to her. And FDH is in denial. He thinks its just her age. Even my own kids as a reference for him isn't good enough.

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Yes, go to psychopathfree site on the internet or their Facebook page. You will find TONS of information and forums of moms and dads also dealing with sociopathic kids. PS yes, part of this is hereditary and part is related to upbringing it seems…so good luck…ugh Sad HUGS!