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Weddings about planned, marriage ALREADY over?

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It's been a few monthss since I've been on and it's not because everything's hunky dory; just hasn't been any new developments.

It's gotten to a point now to where I think this relationship is over.

I'm so sick of him coddling the girl's and not only denying SD7's sociopathy. He backs go and forth on whether he thinks she has a problem. He completely agrees she has no empathy for others however...go figure.

Well,that didnt take long

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I'm at work and FDH is at home with SD and my BD. He texted me and said the girls have been easy mode today.

I don't buy that bullshit for a second. I don't believe SD has been any different than she normally is. With SM at work, I'm sure SD has brought out guilty dad. I'll find out shortly.

If he's already slipped back into turning a blind eye on her bullying, complaining, and not listening, I'm going to flip my shit.

just got back from camping

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And I couldn't be happier with FDH. SD7 was terrible the entire time, well, her usual self anyway, but for some reason in front of so many people his eyes seemed to really open. Over and over again he had to stop her from bullying the other kids.

Thank whatever you may believe in, I'm no longer the SM that just hates his kid. He finally had a come to Jesus moment over her bullying, complaining, laziness, greediness, and lying. All he ended up doing the whole trip was yell at her and he's sick of it. He had to actually spend time with her and realized what a little asshole she is.

United Front

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United front...what a joke. We are NOT.

I haven't been on in awhile. Things haven't really changed much and I don't have any new outlandish SD stories. As she gets older, it gets slightly better, but I wouldn't be here if things were totally peachy.

SD doesn't listen ever. You have to tell her to do things several times and she might do it. FDH has the issue of not following through when he tells her do something. He'll ask several times, through out the day, and not get into her about it after many hours.

Any recommendations on reading material on sociopathy?

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Anyone have any recommendations on any books that may help me out with learning to deal with a sociopathic stepchild? I'm sick of my weekends(every weekend) being ruined and disengaging has been impossible because of the stealing, lying, and how mean she is to my BD3. And this is definitely a parenting issue as well. FDH has his head in the sand(and a bit sociopathic as well) and BM doesn't care. BM shuffles SD around so she doesn't have to deal with her.

Exes and Weddings Part II: His Response

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Word for word:

FDH: Wow. you put way too much thought into something that doesn't matter to me. By that I mean, it doesn't matter if she comes. And its not to prove anything to her. There are no feelings there. I wouldn't have proposed if I felt anything for anyone else. Take a deep breath and relax. I'm not inviting her.

Me: That's what I heard you say in the car. Either that or my hearing is worse than I thought(I'm mostly deaf in my left ear)

FDH: BM is not an issue. I merely thought of it as a sign that I WASN'T bothered by her or her opinions of me.