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The sadness

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when you feel like you’re doing your very best and then something happens that reminds you, you’re just a stupid step mom. You don’t have any parenting rights. Your job is to keep your mouth shut and try to keep everyone happy. It’s exhausting. 


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“Your job is to keep your mouth shut and try to keep everyone happy.”

yup I’m feeling this right now! DH doesn’t gaf about my feelings. Just shut up and drink the Koolaid. I’m getting closer and closer to saying F this noise.

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I would be able to keep my mouth shut - but screw it with respect to keeping everyone happy. 

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But it's not your responsibility to keep everyone happy. Bless you, how could you?

Your job is to try to be a loving wife and support your spouse in their parenting efforts. Period. Dot. 

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He needs to keep hos(intentional typo) kids happy. If the kids come to me to be entertained I give them chores and make them do homework and clean up after themselves, maybe do the bathroom. Not my job to make them happy.

If it gets too much I go out grocery shoppimg or with my single friends if I'm mad.


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I don’t really have any friends, I’m totally isolated. And grocery shopping is like hell for me.I tend to walk my dog when I need to get out, if it’s possible. 

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Nah! F!ck that noise! Take your life back and stop stifling yourself! Not your kids, not your problem!

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I have thought before how great things were going then whammo, hit smack in the face with a bunch of crap when I least expected it. You are right, it does create sadness. Sometimes I wonder if we all suffer from PTSD. My dh has a completely psycho bm and 1 sd who is identical to her. I used to be open and positive, now i have built a wall to protect myself from some of it and I hate that wall that i built, but what choice did i have. It does change you. Ive done some small stuff like going to a painting class here and there to get away from the crush of it and slowly start to rebuild my confidence that was completely destroyed. It's a looongg road ahead though. ugh.

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Same. At least the younger one still likes me. I something’s think the older one wants to break up our family and I worry she eventually will. How am I supposed to like someone who causes my dear husband so much hurt