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Advice Needed From Those Who Have Been In This Situation...

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Been awhile since I posted.

First & foremost, I am SO HAPPY THE SUMMER IS DONE! SD11 is going back to school. YUS!

I am almost due with DD (coming October 12th). We told BM that we are taking a FULL MONTH to ourselves-- just DH, DD, & myself. Nobody else. She didn't seem to have an issue (or so DH stated she didn't).

But of course we have SD11 for this last week before school starts due to her living 1 hour North with her mother during the school year. SD11 is dropping dumb hints.

Life Changes

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There is apart of me that feels like me writing in this group should just....not be allowed. But I don't know who else to talk to about it.

My life has been interesting the last 3 years.