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Red Flag

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Please tell me that I'm not the only one who sees this as completely and utterly disturbing and just flat disgusting to the point of inducing vomiting?

SD12 (almost 13) allows BM's fiancee to pick her up and wrap her legs around his waist (and BM seems OK with it too). This is plain repulsive to me! :sick:

Does BM really have that little concern for respectful and decent conduct??? Eeeew!!!!


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This is absolutely a red flag.

I do want to warn your DH to proceed with caution, since you mentioned the BM doesn't have a problem with the behavior.

Your DH should speak to her about appropriate behavior with the opposite sex, especially one that is so much older than herself.

I've seen this show before and their will be fallout, so prepare yourselves for it.

Geez.....I'm sorry you're going through this.

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I'm so glad I missed the bullshit over the weekend. I was busy having a great anniversary weekend with DH!

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OK! Clearly, I'm not overreacting! Smile LOL!

But yes, it has disturbed me to the point of feeling the need to start black-lighting her undies when I find them in the wash...that may or may not be overreacting, but I'm incredibly protective of kids whether they're mine or not.

I've brought it up to my DH, and he's seen it for himself a little while ago, so the ball is in his court. I can only do so much (unfortunately).

Shaman29's picture are definitely not overreacting.

And you're 100% right, the ball is in DH's court. Hopefully he'll do the right thing.

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Sorry, felt left out with all Red's W's Wink

But seriously, HUGE red flag.

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That just skeeves me out I get playing with kids my SO has picked up my at the time 15 y/o over his shoulder and spun her and me and his kids but he would freak out if she ever wrapped her legs around him he doesn't let his own kid.
Her dad of course saw this horseplay (they weren't speaking at the time) and his gf came and got in my dd's face over it because "some man shouldn't be playing daddy to her like that" (we were at ds football game) and they stormed off. SO stopped horseplying with her after that and dd was hurt by her dad and gf behavior but we talked she understood and SO told her he doesn't love her less but he doesn't want to be the excuse for her dad and gf to accuse anybody of anything.
There's a fine line between horseplay and ewwwww, but both sides need yo draw it.

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Ask her dad if he would be comfortable with you jumping up and leg wrapping some other man.