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i feel terrible

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I don't really like my SS9 right now. Lately everything he does annoys me.

Yesterday we were at my mom's and he went outside to draw with chalk on the driveway with DD3. My mom and I watched from inside and he was yelling at DD and then got mad at her and took a swing at her as she ran from him. He didn't connect thankfully. He even stomped his feet like a two year old. Then he got mad and challenged my mom for giving DD a glass of water. He told my mom she didn't need it and argued with her about it. This is not the first time he has argued with my mom. He does it with me as well.

Tonight he said some cryptic stuff to his BM and I asked him what was he looking forward to and he says nothing. Then he tells me his mom is a great mom. His dad used to say that I was a great mom all the time when we were just dating and BM had a fit. This from the woman that abandoned her 3 yr old and never picks him up for her custody week and doesn't always show up for her weekends. Yeah ok whatever.

I'm just really annoyed by him and I don't know why. He has taught my DD that hitting is ok and we have caught him lying and saying she was hitting him when she never touched him. It's just annoying and I don't know what to do. DD loves to play with him even though he lies about her and gets her in trouble with his lies.

I don't know what to do and I'm stuck taking care of him all summer. I really wish he would go away and I don't want to feel this way. Please help...


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You should feel terrible!!!! J/K You are in such a good situation you could be living so blissful! No, not ALL sdads are like yours,you are SO lucky! My bk's dad passed and fh is sometimes afraid of too much bonding with mine b/c he can't with his own son, (his guilty parenting is what brought me to this site)O'well everything in due time I suppose! I think you should just try to find the root of this hatred! Are you jealous of him having a fam before you(even though you did too)??The thought of him making a child with the bm???I had those feeling about bk's half brother,I didnt want to accept him or my ugly feelings!Its crazy how our emotions work ;/When my hubby passed part of me was relieved no more dealing with that thing! Now, I just laugh when I think of that dark time,lol now I'm in another silly situation,ha,ha that's life!!!! I dont know your whole story but you are in my prayers Wink

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LOL no I don't care about the family before me thing. I really liked SS in the beginning but that was when he was here every other weekend and sometimes after school.

His grandmother spent a long.time telling him I was a bad person and all sorts of things about custody that was not true and FDH found out and now SS seems to be getting more difficult. I spend the majority of time with him as well. His mother only shows up eowe and does the Disney parent thing which makes us look like crap because we discipline and now that we.are forced to.move we have to save and can't buy him everything he wants.

I'm a little annoyed that FDH still is paying child support for an 18 and 21 yr old. Thankfully we have a year left and they will be out of our lives.

I'm at my wits end, he is 9 I shouldn't be so angry. If I didn't know better I would say I was having a raging case of hormones.

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Thank you. FDH used to say he is only nine and now he says he needs counseling because of what his grandmother said. I think tomorrow I'm going to ignore him and see how he likes that.