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I am surrounded by idiots.

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Sorry but I need to vent and see what others think.

I have a friend who is always sick or in pain. Her daughter was born three months before my daughter and my daughter was a month early, just to give you some back ground. My daughter is a year behind school wise because of the birthday cut-off.

My friend had a terrible pregnancy, she was always uncomfortable and always had to be taking it easy. Ok great. I think she was full of shit now but at the time I bought it. I had a high risk pregnancy was on and off bed rest all the time and still worked two jobs and busted my butt since I was going to be a single mom doing this. She complained the whole pregnancy about how she had PCOS and might lose her baby because of it and she bitched her husband never wanted to do anything with her for the baby. Ummm he did a lot. She bitched because her dad wouldn't buy the crib she wanted. She bitched because she didn't get this or that. Her in-laws hosted her baby shower and the people there were all MIL's friends except me. She bitched. Smile

Baby comes and she bitches that she is sore from delivery. She didn't recover from a normal vaginal delivery with an epidural for a year. Oh and she felt every contraction and was in immense pain despite the epi.

Then she bitched all the time that her husband wouldn't help with the baby. How awful it was and it was worse than being a single mom. OMG!

Every time I log on to FB she is whining about her being sick and the kid is having major health issues. My DD was born early and had a lot of digestive problems and had to have a barium swallow and a couple other invasive procedures at different times to check for birth defects. DD is pretty damn healthy now but very tiny. Friends DD? Oh friend was told to quit feeding her all the time as the child was getting obese. This is from the third week on. Every time the kid went to sleep it was with a bottle. She woke up, they stuffed a bottle in her mouth. She cried? They stuffed a bottle in her mouth. Now my friend is obese and blames it on PCOS. Hmmm....

They seem to be in a competition with my DD and myself. They brag about their DD doing hours of homework in Pre-K and how she made a diorama among other projects. We had to take their daughter to Wal-mart because she had money to go to the flea market but it rained and we were not going for obvious reasons. While we are at the checkout they tell me she knows how to handle money so it comes time to pay and they hand her the money and she hands it to the cashier. She doesn't count it or know what each bill is or how much to give (mom and dad gave her the right amount) and she doesn't know if she got the right change. Ummm that is not knowing how to pay or handle money. UGH!

They have this kid on steroids at least twice a month and a nebulizer every day because even though she doesn't have any wheezing or rattling she is an asthmatic. Well what makes you think she has asthma? She coughs. Oh and she has allergies. They own a cat and lived with their inlaws who have a dog. WTF?

Today I log on and the friend is thanking all her church friends for all the prayers and help while she had her four hour surgery. She had a D&C, a 20 minute procedure and she claims it took four hours. I miscarried and had one and I was up and walking right after. WTF is this four shit? Also to hear her and her husband they are acting like she was hospitalized and is bedridden. They are thanking people for the lasagna and casseroles. WTF? She had a D&C.

Thanks for reading, I am just annoyed today and now I find out the people that used to own my house are driving by frequently and checking it out. They told the neighbor they want it back and are going to sue to get it back. So yeah I am a little annoyed. They were foreclosed on over a year ago and their time ran out months ago but they are dumb enough to think that doesn't matter. They know the house was fixed up and taken care of so of course they want it back. The creepy factor is them driving by all the time. They know we have dogs and they know about the new one I just adopted. I almost want them to stick their hand over the fence and have her bite the thing off.


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She made a stink about being Pagan and then all of a sudden she is a Christian and it saved her marriage and blah blah but she still has all the same problems she just has a group of people to pretend Jesus saved her and her marriage to.

They visited and left a huge mess and took a brand new mattress out of the plastic and used it for their DD and gave my DD the old one. I had set my DD up with the plastic covered one and now I can no longer sell the new mattress as new. Who will believe it was only slept on once? UGH!

It's a freaking competition and they always seem to slight my DD in a backhanded fashion. Well at least we are living in our own home. They will probably never have a house unless they get it handed to them. They were not very gracious about my house when they saw it either. Granted it is older but it is very large and it's nice. It's not a $250K house but it is ours and has enough room that if I wanted to get married again and have another kid we have the room without everyone being on top of each other. Smile

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I really do detest people like that. They make pagans and christians alike look bad.


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The day before I closed on the house I looked at it with my realtor and a contractor because it needed some work I couldn't do myself. Nothing missing or wrong with house. I close and make it by at 3pm or so to check it out. Someone stole the post under the mailbox and left the box. WTF??? Then I go to change the locks and someone has taped over the deadbolt so it can't be engaged. WTF?? Two weeks later someone egged the front porch and from the direction of the spatter they were standing up against the front of the house to do it. WTF??? They even broke open an egg in my mailbox that is on the new post that I put in myself. Now I am so pissed I want to put my nanny cams up and catch the %(#*%#*&%( and drop them in the gator pit at Sea World. I think it is the creepy people.

Here is a link to a pic of the people under the stairs. They are so creepy I have to share.

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ROTFLMAO he claims to be a former law enforcement officer and he tried to run for president and asked the neighbor to sign a paper saying he was a good man so he could be president. OMG! The stories the neighbors told. If only there was some way I could link the pictures of the house so you could see what they lived like. It was so gross. Some of it still is because no matter how much I clean it is like the filth comes out of the walls or something. My stepdad had to replace whole sections of walls and redrywall openings and frame them up because they left ragged holes where doorways were. You should see pics of their kids...I don't know if you can see more pics from that one but OMG!

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I have no clue on why they dressed that way but it is very popular here in Southern US Podunkville. They probably went on vacation to Pigeon Forge and did it as that is standard vacation spot and momento to bring back for the local area I live in. The other ubiquitous vacation spot is going to the Alabama Gulf Coast/Florida Panhandle and getting a Pineapple Willy's t-shirt. I have yet to do either. Smile

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LMAO I love you guys!!! Dtzy, let me know when you want to visit. I will call my brothers and between them I am sure they both have at least a pair of night vision goggles. I ran out in a t-shirt and panties with my gun ready to shoot last night about midnight because the blue tick was having a fit and it wasn't her normal whooo whooo it was I am going to rip your throat out like a GSD. I am sure if anyone was out there that scared them.

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LMAO your DH doesn't know how lucky he is!

Luckily my nosy neighbor that spreads my business everywhere takes a sleeping pill or there probably would be pictures. You should have seen my hounds, they had looks of ruh roh on their faces. They must have realized mom had lost her shit. I have never heard the blue tick sound that way not even when she was scrapping and growling over food with the other dogs. This was way scarier. I figured it had to be the real deal. My worst fear is someone will hop my fence and she will eat them.

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They look like they could have batwings. Smile

Hahaha the only one in my herd that has that type of dedication is the chihuahua. The hounds get bored and wander back to the dog house and pass out. It must be a southern thing. Although I have yet to see them corner a person. That might be more interesting than squirrels.

I really want a pair of Malinois or Belgian Tervurens named Backup and Karma. If Karma doesn't get you I have Backup. Smile I crack myself up. I saw Ozzy Pawsbourne, Thr Prince of Barkness the other day and I swear if I get another yappy chihuahua I am naming it that.

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I have what appears to be an ancient Basset Hound that has an eating disorder (he goes anorexic for a while and then wants to binge when he looks emaciated) and a Blue Tick Coonhound that appears young. They think the Blue is about 6 years old. She has been hunted and bred many times. The Chi is only a year and a half and about 11 pounds and no ankle biting. THe chi does have a shrill shrieky bark. She is pretty friendly to everyone and loves to be outside chasing stuff. She also thinks she is a big dog and is always bossing the others. We also have a 13 pound dog that is visiting till his dad ends his deployment. Foster dog looks like a shrunken corgi and he has little man syndrome. He tries to fight every big dog in the neighborhood. If someone broke in to the house he would rip them to shreds. He is a hellion when he is mad. He is super sweet otherwise.

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i cannot stand people like that. bm was complaining of pain and not being able to work 2 freaking years after a hysterectomy. :O your "friend" is an attention whore. i just ignore people like that. i don't offer sympathy, i don't ask questions, i just nod disinterestedly. i will not feed their need for attention. i have had 3 d and c's and left the hospital the same day. no one was cooking for me, nor did i expect anyone to. i think people who act like that deserve to have a REAL illness that really does knock them on their ass since they apparently want it so bad.

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Every illness is announced every morning on FB along with how she slept. If I posted every ache and pain my mom would be calling me out. Hell when I post I miss my FDH my mom calls me an attention whore for it. (I usually only announce I miss him when one of those someone in HEaven type memes comes up or his birthday or significant day for us. My mom is a hard ass so its ok. She even gets annoyed about my friend and attention seeking. Also she has been going to school for medical coding for almost 5 years now. It was a 2 year program and she is going full time and always posts that she got all A's so why hasn't she graduated? Some days I wonder.

Do they really have graduations from Pre-K? Her DD just graduated from Pre-K and they are bragging about their graduate. I thought they did the kindergarten graduation and jr. high and high school. I don't remember a graduation for 5th grade but a special assembly with awards during the schoolday.