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What happens when Someone is found in contempt of court?

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We took BM to court for full custody (she was evicted and we had the skids full time, we wanted it on paper).Somehow she got a lawyer (can't pay rent but can pay a laywer?) who told her to ask for her 50% custody back or she would have to pay cs - and even though she was homeless the judge gave her back her 50%. Anyway we did win her paying half the child care (during her week of custody) and half the skids medical. H asked for a wage assignment but BM won that and she has to reimburse weekly (blah). H sent her the first offical amount due (certified letter and filed with court order) the monies are due 30 days - her 30 days will be up in less than a week. H is goning to file contempt charges (because she is not going to pay) and ask again for a wage assignment. I am curious to know what will happen to her if she is found in contempt? - (keep in mind the judge extended the final ruling for 90 days to give BM time to get an apartment and BM failed to do so).


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at the very least, they will probably garnish her wages until she pays back the full amount. in addition, they may throw her in jail and hold her out on bail.

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that contempt can be punishable by up to 6 months in jail. Usually it'll be deferred (probation), but if she effs up again - bam, 6 months jail time.

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contempt is about as wishy washy as the tide. Also depends on the judge....ours did nothing EVERY single time BM violated the court order and we pressed charges for contempt......Good Luck!

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I have found that the court always seems to have mercy on the idiot in the court proceeding. Seems like it in our case too. She will probably get more time to pay. I think they at least want them paying and if they are in jail they cant pay.

I hope something is done to make her realize to take care of her responsibility. But it is a long short for these BM's who just are lazy.

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Honestly, probably very little. It depends on the judge. And even his mood that morning. But typically, BMs get a slap on the wrist. You might be able to get her wages garnished. But if she isn't working consistently, it won't matter.

If you think she has the money, then it might be worth it. But if she doesn't have the money, all you'll be doing is wasting your time and money.