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She finally got caught and is banned from a Walmart

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I know i haven't been on here in a while. Believe me I would have rather had to deal with the Kids for a weekend than deal with the aftermath that comes with being in a car accident! (Everyone involved is ok, no major injuries).

So, the oldest Skid who will be turning 19 this month was caught shop lifting at a Walmart. The best part is she was using her kid to help. Oh yes. I believe the child is going to be 2? I really don't know as i have banned her from my home and I refuse to talk to her (everything out of her mouth is a lie and you have to nail everything you own down or she will steal it).

My DH tried to "confront" her about her behavior, I think it sounds more like nagging. Of course this girl thinks that she should be receiving the mother of the year award and wont listen to anyone. My DH then asked her why she doesn't stay in contact with him, and she throws back that she text him three weeks ago!

I know this idiot is legally an adult, but due to her BM being a psycho and her dad (my DH) being a Disney dad this girl can't be helped.
She doesn't think that using her kid to help steal crap is wrong. She's just mad because she got caught!

Of course DH is whining about how he can't talk to me about his daughter because I don't like her and this is just stressing him out. I just look at him like ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Why would I like someone that has brought needles into my home, stole medication from my house to get high, and stole money from a 6yr ($20). Not to mention telling lie after lie after lie.

I'm just waiting for her to announce she will be popping out a baby #2 since her dream is to have (and i mean no disrespect these are her words) "a black baby cuz they're cute"


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Glad that you are OK from the car accident! What an idiot your SD is. WalMart is the absolute WORST place to try to steal from. I can not count the number of clients I have had for shoplifting from there. They have lots of plainclothes security walking around the store pretending to shop and watching the customers. And their surveillance system is amazing. Every video I have ever seen from there is CRYSTAL clear, in color, and focused perfectly.

I obviously do not condone shoplifting but for God's sake, if you absolutely have to be so dumb, do NOT do it at WalMart!

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BM1 got caught shoplifting at Walmart in February. Of course she tried to say it wasn't her, that it was the friends she was with. She also said that the police were flirting with her... because we all know how attractive an 8 month preggo, meth head looking, skank who just got caught shoplifting at Walmart is to police officers... {insert eye roll and gag here}

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Oh this girl is very dumb. My DH asked her what was she thinking using her baby and from what he told me she just gave him a look as if she was thinking "why wouldnt i use the baby?" This girl is beyond help! She has no job, shacks up with whatever guy she can and leaches off of him, the only money she has coming in is the child support money.

I was hoping for jail time. But no dice there. Now all i can do is sit back and see if she will pay off her court fines or will she end up arrested for non-payment!

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When I heard this from her, i can tell you there was no look of surprise on my face more like a That Figures. This girl is so ass backwards. I wish i were make this up, but alas, this girl is just that stupid. And its sooooooo true, You really cant fix STUPID!