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O/T - Ughh. Sitting at work, waiting....

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I have a contractor in the plant today doing some installation work.  So, I am sitting here on a Saturday finding anything I can to distract me from writing procedures. Which I detest writing.

The vision that my boss and the execs aligned on when I accepted the job was that I would define, build, tool, staff, lead, and replicate the organization I was hired to deliver. 

Meanwhile 11wks later, nope. What they have decided they want is a low level work lead.  So, we are at an impasse. I built the model, delivered the R&Rs, defined the structure, recommended a data and work management system, and am interviewing candidates. 

My boss is now pushing me to do the admin/data/procedural work.  I just will not do it.  I told him for the umpteenth time this week that when we have the data system procurred that the next phase will be to get the asset data loaded, procedures and practices modified for our specific requirements, and that will take an Engineer and 5 more highly experienced and skilled Techs to get done and then to perform the work under the model.

I am not the detail SME people that I need to do the key strokes and on equipment work.  I lead those efforts.  

So, my guess is next week during my 90 day review, we will likely agree to part ways.

The annual budget required to perform what should be performed is just under $1Mil/yr. That is for only the data system and fully loaded costs for the staff.  On top of that is supplemental contractor support, operating tools, and materials of another couple $HundredK/yr.

I hope I am wrong about next week. Though my tolerance for undirected leadership at this stage of my career is nearly zero.   So, next week's discussions should be interesting.

And... the hits just keep on coming.  An electrician held a door open waiting for another electrician to bring in parts and now there is an alarm screaming.




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I feel your pain. I was hired last year for a director position with very specific director-level duties. Soon, I found myself creating spreadsheets, looking up addresses, addressing envelopes, and taking on other admin tasks because there were no support staff. I spoke with the ED multiple times about this. Let me do what I was hired to do and it will pay off. Support staff is an investment. The money was there. My and my colleagues' concerns and suggestions went ignored. Then came DH's health crisis and no one could step in for me. I was the third member of the leadership team (of five) to resign within a year's time. My departure was not a pleasant one at all. The two left behind are actively seeking other employment and will likely be gone by mid-summer. Yea, at this stage of life, it's a big NO. 

Good luck at the 90 day mark.  

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I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Give rose

Today I did have an epiphany.  They are not looking for top tier admin work product. They are looking for the usual "we have that" crap they have always presented as accomplishment.

The contractor just left. 11hrs after arriving. In that time I have generated crap that ticks the box. I will go my boss's staff meeting next week and wave the victory flag claiming a big win.  All while really doing exactly what i was hired to do.

I intend to make it very uncomfortable for them to pull my plug at 90 days.  I have put a number of the foundational elements in place and with the smoke and mirrors I generated today, I expect to get some of the key system POs I have submitted approved. 

The lynch pin to that is, none of those purchases will do a damned thing until they approve offers for the organizational headcount they gave approval for me to hire over a month ago.

"Yep, we bought the best practice framework data and management system, now I need these 6 more people to use it."

Approve my $1Mil a year in headcount please. Or.... get ready to pay 10X more per year as we grow the company and wear out the production assets.