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And the IL clan hits just keep on coming.

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Got a call from my bride this afternoon.  She is working the last few days of extension tax season. I appreciate her dedication and taking the lead on providing for us.  I am working on my next opportunity and have an offer to start an Expat assignment in Jan. Not what I want to do but... if the other things I have in the works don't pan out by then, it looks like I will be heading back to the Middle East.

But.. this is not about that.

DW called to let me know that BIL2 and his bride are expecting #2.  Ugh... these people cannot even feed themselves or the one that they have. Our niece is about to turn 3.  BIL2 is hell bent on becomming my FIL.  A good man but a crappy provider who squanders his life on dreams of ag empire dominance.   Apparently my SIl called DW to get big sis emotional support on the sale of my FIL's rusty POS farm truck that has been stagnant in my IL's backyard at their last three homes. Apparently this is a big deal and emotionally devastating to SIL. While discussing the tragic loss of the POS truck, she dropped the bomb that DW is going to be an Aunt again.  As usual, SIL is about making anything all about her instead of letting BIL2 call his big sister to let her know.

Regarding BIL2's second baby, there is nothing to do but congratulate them I guess.



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Well Rags, you might end up in the Middle East (permanent or temporary?) but phew for the internet. Its existence means that you won't have to miss out on any of the truck or baby developments. Smile


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I used to do taxes and do not miss that last minute stuff of filing THE day. But, it pays bills Biggrin

Expat job - hopefully you will have a BIG offer before January so you can stay home. But I always like to think that the right thing will happen.

The SIL - a narc? And a new baby on the way without economic means  - maybe youll need to adopt this one?