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money makes the world go round.

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There’s a reason I control the purse strings in our house, and that reason is that FDH has the financial sense of a 12 year old.
It was a skid weekend. Just having them for a rainy holiday weekend meant that we spent:
$75 on gas to cart them all over town “having fun”
$50 to go to the movies
$40 on a new phone case for skid1
$100+ on extra groceries and snacks.
$50 to renew the xBox live membership to keep them occupied

I am fine with all that. However, it is not enough for skid1. “I’m booooorrred” is his constant refrain. He seems to think that getting expensive toys will make him happy – but the RC car, expensive sunglasses, TWO iphones, innumerable games, name brand clothes and shoes he’s gotten in the past year have barely stemmed the tide of “I’m booooorrred.” Keep in mind also that this kid has had a rotten year – has assaulted his dad more than once, gotten himself arrested and expelled from school, has major attitude all the time, and won’t do a fucking thing to help out without it becoming a MAJOR argument. Oh, and he had dad dancing to his tune ALL WEEKEND because he’s an attention hog. I cannot have a conversation with FDH without him interrupting because HE needs to be the focus all the time.
I’m not inclined to go out of my way to be nice to someone who makes everyone miserable.

Anyway, yesterday FDH came to me and said “I’m thinking about getting skid1 his own xBox.”

Hell to the no, muthafucka.

Yep, it’d keep him entertained. For about five minutes before the sad song of “I’m booooorrred” starts up again. Plus, he’s a jerk. And BTW, jackwagon, we actually have some serious financial shit coming up, like my car that’s been in the shop for A MONTH and is going to cost us well over a grand. Oh, and the mortgage. And buying a new patio set because we have a beautiful deck and no furniture to enjoy it on. And numerous home improvement projects that need to happen so we can get this dump of a house on the market. Hell if I’m going to pull money out of my retirement fund to pay for all this shit and then have idiot FDH blow a few hundred on a fucking xBox for a spoiled brat kid who acts like he hates us if the wallet isn’t always out.
GAWD he’s so clueless sometimes.


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That kid is the ONE issue between FDH and I. I honestly think he’s given up on discipline, because the second time skid1 hit him, FDH wound up getting in trouble with CPS for leaving a mark on him during restraint. He’s been told he can do nothing but call 911 if the skid acts up like that again. Their relationship has been damaged, and he is afraid of losing the kid for good.
Skid1 plays him like a fiddle. He’s got FDH so twisted he thinks he’s being mean if he says no to things. Example: Sunday, FDH was going to take skid1 to the movies again, but told him he had to mow the front yard first. Well skid1 dragged his feet and bitched and moaned, and didn’t complete the task by the time they needed to leave. So, FDH said no go. Not happening.
You would’ve thought he’d ripped the kid’s fingernails out with pliers. Crying hysterically, screaming, telling FDH he’s “SOOOO MEAN!” Skid1 called his two usual biggest cheerleaders (BM and FMIL) to complain about dad being “SOOOO MEAN!” BM hung up on his whiny ass. FMIL told him to grow up. FDH was shocked and couldn’t believe they didn’t baby him about it. Duh, FDH – EVERYONE BUT YOU KNOWS YOU’RE JUST BEING A PARENT, NOT BEING MEAN!
He is not like that with skid2, who’s a pretty good little boy. It boggles the mind, and if we don’t make it, this bullshit with skid1 will be why. I will not be held hostage in my own home by the drama of a bratty jerk. Thank god he no longer lives here.

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i hope you told your fdh the above reasons for not buying another game system. NEEDS should always come before wants. if your fdh really feels skids need an x-box, i believe he needs to get a second job to pay for it. my dh would be exactly the same if i didn't control the purse strings. he DID get a 2nd job so that he could contribute to our home (because his full time job wouldn't cover child support, retirement, vacations, AND his own living expenses). now, IF there's anything left over he can buy skids whatever he wants. but, guess what? dh is now saving for a want of his own: a harley. skids save their own money to buy their own wants.

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I agree with the replies above. Last time my SD then 14yo cried out "I'm Booored", DH thanked her for volunteering to mow the lawn. We hear them words as "I have excess energy to burn and being I don't think for myself, I could use your help with you giving me a project to do." Skids are very careful to not say that one anymore but it takes the bio parent to nip that one in the butt successfully IMO. With the bio parent enforcing that, it gives the unspoken message that you all aren't there just to entertain them.