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So I blogged about a month or so about Yuck saying she wants more CS

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So yuck said she was taking dh back for more CS about a month or so and we haven't heard anything from CS NOTHING! :? :?

Funny thing is that when she told dh about it she said it was not her choice but CS took it upon themselves to do it. She said she told them not to but they said they will anyway. Now I do know that CS doesn't do that as i have dealt with them for the last 16 years.

So anyway what could this mean?? that she was lieing??? LOL

So proud of my DH! He taught the boys a lesson or at least tried.

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SS16 has an attitude that he is the gods gift to the world and everyone should bow to him. ss15 is slaking off in school and is flunking. ss12 complains about everything. So dh decided he would make them clean our yard and mow it. He even made them plant trees! With my son and his grades I made him go out and help too!

Skids have never ever done anything like that before expect mow the yard. They have never planted a tree or anything like that.

Well yuck was preggo then not....

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I blogged a while back that yuck just HAD to tell us that she thought she was preggo. Fri night she called and said she was deff. preggo but having problems and it wasn;t time to pick up the boys yet. SS16 normally drives but he had to work and dh told him that he could drive to house anymore after the entitled little fit he through about how much gas money dh gave him.

Interesting? Ss16 called dh last night

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To tell him he has to work this weekend. WOW normally yuck calls and calls til dh answers. She won't leave a mess or text. I mean that really isn't that big of a deal. Just that dh needs to know if he is working on his weekends.

Last time that the boys were here yuck and dh got into it about her calling and gripping about ss16 behavior but not wanting his input on how to take care it. So dh told her that if she doesn;t want his help as his father which she should let him do then don't call to just grip.

I blogged yesterday that my doc put me on celexa ....

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I have some questions first i am a little confused b/c the doc said it would take about 2 weeks to feel anything but I started feeling jittery today. I just HAD to go for a walk and I can't seem to sit still.

I don;t feel relaxed at all so maybe that is what she was talking about with the 2 weeks or so that I will feel something.

Is this normal??? :?

I'm such a mean momma!

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My son's grades in 2 classes went way down this 9 weeks and I took EVERYTHING away from him! His car, phone, computer, games, even his library card! yep He loves the library so I took that too.

I am so freaking mad right now! he has NOTHING in his room but his bed and clothes.

However I do wish these teachers would have contacted me much sooner so i could have done this a long time ago! GGRRR

he even put his figures in his ears like a freaking 2 year old! I wanted to knock that kid out! If you see a mom on the news tonight i hurt my kid ok!

So proud of a friend of mine.

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She gave custody to her baby daddy. She knew she didn;t have a stable home and was really torn and struggled with this for a long time before she finally signed. She had NO family and I helped when I could but she needed more than that. She didn;t have a job so to speak.

Her baby daddy has a house and is remarried and has another child with new wife, she also knows that new wife can be home for her and can be in one school instead of moving. Her dd is only 4 and when she finally signed she called me. She was very upset but she knew she was doing the right thing by her child.

So upset right now with Dh!

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As some know we are going to disney this summer, so I put up a white board in the kitchen with all the things the kids can do to earn money for disney. It includes things that are NOT their normal chores for a reason.

This morning I got up to find that dh put all their normal chores on that board! SOOO freaking upset! I thought the whole idea of earning money for something special was to go above and beyond what you normally do right? Like i am with saving the money for this. :? :?

WOW Yuck wow is all I can say!

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yuck doesn;t work and has NO income to file taxes and hasn't for years. So we offered to claim the boys and give her half of what they would get. NOPE she wants half of the whole thing we said no then she said NO you can't.

I am speechless, who doesn't want money and quite a bit I might add??? then she blames the whole thing on stress and that she might be preggo and went on and on about how she f'd up and needs prayer. :jawdrop: