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so upset right now

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Ss17 got in a wreak and called dh late last night. I asked dh what he said. According to ss17 the guy with the wood in his truck was coming toward him and he couldn't stop b/c of too much wood in his truck. So he had to swarve to avoid him and the truck hit his bumper and tore the underneath all up.
Me: did the police get called
Dh: I don't know, but ss17 said there was no way he could have stopped since he had way to much wood in his truck.

Me: so ss17 is an expert in how much is too much to stop.

Dh: I think he talked to him.

Well then the police had to called and should have.

Dh: stop being so neg. Not everything my kids do is neg.

Me: I'm not neg I only displaced concern as whose ever at fault should be accountable. And if it happened the way ss17 said then the police should have been called.
It blew up from there.

Ladies was I neg or displayed concern?

Honestly though I do believe that ss17 is making it look like he is not as at fault as he really is. But that is b/c of his track record too.


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Me: so ss17 is an expert in how much is too much to stop.

I don't think you are wrong...but I think this is what your DH probably got upset about.

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Bm does dh said no b/c he disagreed with getting him another car. That is a plus.

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I kind of do think you were being negative, but I'm wondering if you asked if your SS was okay before you said anything you listed, or if there is a history of him wrecking the car? Even then, you should have shown at least a little concern instead of being condescending. Would you have said the same things if it was your own kid? I know I get annoyed by things my skids do, and that I would react totally different had my own kid done the same thing. No judgement, just giving my two cents on what little I know of the situation. Good luck with everything!

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I had already asked if he was ok earlier in the day when dh called me. This convo happened late last night after ss17 called dh. And yes I would have asked the same questions had it been my kid as that had happened to my ds. Sorry I didn't mean to sound that way its just that he has a history of speeding and wreakless driving.

My point was this that if the police were called then I will tend to believe ss17 a little more but if not then why weren't they called if this guy hit him and did that much damage? So if they weren't called then something is off. Kwim?