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Really bm really? dh got the kids but not after...

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Bm texted AGAIN! This time she wanted to know if he was sure he wanted the kids. He said YES for sure he wants them.

She then texted back about 20 min later and said that they were with her aunt and she was not making her drive to the drop off point b.c it was out of her way. Dh told her that it was not out of her way as the drop off point is on their way to her house!

She then texted back that "someone with straight A's I can come up with some good ones. Ok she will be there.

Ok what does she mean by straight A's? Does that mean she is in school? Or does that mean she she has in high school? With her no telling. And really straight A"s? Not with her logic! }:)

Then ss15 thinks bm took him so he could drive???
She just texted dh again! Saying that she dares anyone that has a 40 hour a week job to trade with her b/c she has it way worse and she does way more!! And she get NO HELP!

Really? I mean how many of you out there work more than 40 or least least 40 and still have kids and do other house hold things? I bet almost EVERYONE!

Plus what does she think other parents that work and have kids do?
Not to mention she doesn't work and the kids are all teens or almost and go to school during the day leaving her to do what ever the hell she wants as she doesn't work!!!

OMG REALLY??? :jawdrop:

SO frigging tired of her self ego entitlement crappy attitude! :sick:


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I know the sad part is that I am almost a year younger and she is the one with the attitude. We basically grew up in the same time period but I know that she is full of it but she seems to think that the dh should support her 100% and she still has it worse than anyone in the world! :sick:

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I know... It's the exact same way for me! And she even lives with her own mother, so much more help do you need? You don't even work. I work minimum 40 hrs, care for my 2 sons and man. and his kids when they're here, and I enjoy doing it. I agree with Lolagoth069...unfortunatley 70% are that way- at least in my experience.

When biomom acts like that he alwasy tells her "then give them to me, we can handle them"a nd it's funny: her answer is always NO!! Than stop whining B*tch...geez!

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LOL yep me too! I had my kids 100% of the time and I worked at least 40 hours a week plus taking to their things and having school things to do as well. I had to clean and cook and take care of them as well.

I don't feel for her at all either. Sounds like to me a whinny little entitled brat to me!

What I don't get is why does she even think that she has the worse then anyone else for the simple fact that she doesn't have a JOB like MOST people do that have kids! All she has to do is take care of the kids!

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You know if she stopped bitching I bet she could find an extra hour or two in her day Wink

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Our BM's excuse to why she can't get a f/t job is because it's too hard to parent and work, although SD has been in childcare all day for years.

I totally didn't get the memo that if your a mom and you have a kid you don't have to work, but I wish I would have. Here I am with not one, but two kids and working MORE than 40 hours a week and still doing a share of the cleaning/cooking.

Women like that totally piss me off.