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O/t Christmas. What are your traditions.

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The ones you have to do every year. Mine is I have to buy everyone new pjs for Xmas eve. We open one present and it's always pjs. Even my skids love them. One year dh talked me into not buying any as he said they were all too old. They were so upset and disappointed. I went to Walmart on Xmas eve looking for pjs.
We also go to the square and see all the lights and have hot coca. We also pick a gift and open one at a time. The kids love this. It takes us a while to open but it's fun. We will take a pic with each person and their presents.

It's very fun and the kids love to see what everyone gets.

Oh and we always have a hand held breakfast while opening presents. Lol

So what about you guys


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I like doing fluffy Christmas pj's on Christmas eve too. Normally, Christmas morning we have a big breakfast after presents.

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We also do a Christmas photo cards. My kids and skids ask what colour this year. Lol they humour me so much. This year it was red and black. I have to admit my skids are good kids and love me. I they aren't ever nasty to me like I hear so many are here. So I really enjoy doing things for them and my kids.

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it's a holiday tradition, not necessarily ON Christmas Day, but we decorate sugar cookie cut out's every year. Me and my kiddo's. Wink

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i'm sad to say, i don't really have any traditions with bd17. i read something in parents magazine when bs4 was a baby, and i started something with him. every year, he gets to pick out an ornament for the tree. when he is out on his own, he will have a collection of ornaments for his own tree (if he wants to keep them).

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We make Christmas cookies for Santa about a week before Christmas, make a gingerbread house, the kids get to open one present on Christmas Eve, and I do Christmas pancakes using Christmas cookie cut outs and red and green food dye. It takes me a while to get the kids full because they're so small but they love it.

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My mother always made sure everyone had a stocking filled to the rim with candy and small items. Everyone would get up early, get a pot of coffee going, and open each stocking before distributing the gifts. I've continued the tradition with my new family. Last year was the first time my husband had ever had a stocking. He LOVED it Smile

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Oh I forgot about the ornaments. I get ornaments for each person every year. My dd has hers as she shares an appt. On campus. But yea that is so fun to do.