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had such a great thanksgiving

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I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving like i.did. first my ss16 was so great and apologizes for not including me when he was wanting dh to see him.without me. Then he wanted to know if i had anything for him to do but i didnt then he called my mom and she didnt. But i told him he could put the outside lights up and he did. Then i asked them to clean the living room and bathroom and they did! Holy crap someone pinch me!

Then we put up the tree and had hot coca. They really seemedbto have fun. We also took our christmas pics and ss16 got his hair cut for them and i took them shopping for shirts for them and they picked up the ones i liked and didmt grip.

I bought christmas movies and ss13 helped me get it started and they watched them with me. Dh was at work most of this.time. but i had to shut it off as it had topless girls in it. Who knew a christmas movie would have that.

They also helped me with my new puppy that is not potty trained yet. They love her. Fighting over who got to take her out lol.

They also went to the store several times. This was by far one of the best visits.


purpledaisies's picture am so happy that i dont have most of the issues with my skids like most here do. They really do like me and say so.

For the most part i dont have issues with them except normal kid stuff. But sometimes it gets to me. But this was realy great visit.