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2nd Jury Trial for Custody

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Some history

My fiancé and I have been together for 3 years. He has had custody of his 2 children since his divorce in 2009. His ex wife had originally asked for a Jury Trial for their divorce\custody. He won.
Since then EVERY major holiday\visitation she has filed CPS complaints and been continuous problems, which always come out unfounded. During one exchange she told him to “DIE”, and another she tried to pull him out of his moving truck. (all have police reports, and gone to court)

In July of 2012 she made a claim that their son told her he was in fear of his life by living with his father. She obtained a protective order on that statement, and un enrolled the kids from their school, and left the state, before we knew about any of it. She lives out of state.
We went to a hearing and it went terribly wrong, we had cps on our side, and a forensic physiologist on our side, and the judge sided with the ex wife saying if the child is in fear that was an out cry for help from the child, and we lost the kids. She got the kids with no proof, and lies. She had written over 20 pages on how my fiancé was abusive. From water boarding the kids, to kneeing the girl in the face because she looked like her mother. It would have been comical if it wasn’t destroying our lives.

We filed for a jury trial with a new attorney, and are waiting on trial. During Christmas his son admitted to us and our physiologist that he never meant for any of this to happen that he just wanted to see his mom more, and make her happy. He admitted that by him living with her she's still unhappy, and he is conflicted about the divorce. He is 12. He has several mental problems that are treated by medicine when living with us, but not with his mother. The girl never wanted to live her mother, asks us when she can come home with us.

As the trial approaches I am nervous and fearful that through lies this woman will continue to hurt us and the kids. She's so
destructive. I just want everyone to see that. See what she does to us and her children. She keeps on and keeps on and doesn't seem to realize that she's hurting them! I pray that the jury of 12 see's the truth. I want this to end. It's always been a battle with her. She tries to control her ex even though she can't by using the kids. By causing problems every time she saw their kids when she should have been enjoying them. She alienates the kids from their father, and speaks negatively about him in front of them. The boy lies for his mother (all noted by counselors and doctors), and in retro spec acts just like her. Honestly I am a little afraid of if we win and if we get the boy back. Because what he might do to be with his mother.

I want my fiancé to have the kids, because I've seen him with them and I know he is a good provider, and father. I’ve seen the pain he is going through by this mess. He is a father figure to my 5 year old which has no relationship with her Bio Dad.
When I first met him I was in awe of how good of a dad he was, and that was one of the major things I fell for him. This injustice is heart breaking for me to be on the side lines, and watch and live through. I just wanted to write this brief blog about this, and get it out of my head.


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Thanks! I do have faith that 12 people will have some sense to make a good choice! The evidence and the BM general attitude in past court cases should be more than enough. We've won a jury trial before so I have to have faith everything will turn out for the best.