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MIL called and asked if I would watch SS8 [She has had custody of him since he was 1. Long story.] so she could go out and do something. I said "yes that's fine." [He's a really good kid and I don't mind ever watching him.] She replied with "You don't have to, I know you're not there to just watch children." Can't have a conversation without passive aggressive bullshit I guess. :sick:

Little bit of a back story on that,
A few days ago SIL [who is neighbors and friends with BM] was telling MIL that SO never even tries to get SDs and that he doesn't get them because I won't babysit. Uhhhh, look bitch, it's NOT my job to watch those demon spawn. Every time I have SD10 has been nothing but a lying, screaming brat. I stopped babysitting completely right after Christmas when she went home and told BM that I 'threw a phone at her' and BM proceeded to tell everyone she knew that I 'put my hands on 9 year olds'. I'm not going to be alone with children that do nothing but spread lies to a mother that does the same. They come over to see SO, not me. Deal with it. I have my own, now teething, son to worry about.

SIL has been two-faced since the day I met her. I can't stand this woman and I refuse to have anything to do with her anymore. She's obviously too slow to see that BM is just doing what BM does: make everyone around her see what victims she and her kids are. [It's fine though, they won't be neighbors for much longer considering BM is getting kicked out of her government paid for house. Wink ]
SO gets them every other weekend because that's what his work will give him off. And no, no I'm not here just to watch children. Thank you. How about YOU watch them MIL? Oh wait, you've even told me that you can't handle all three of them at once. So yeah, screw you. Have a nice day. Smile


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With that snotty quip, she can find someone else to watch that kid. Also, good for you, don't put yourself in a position babysitting those kids that could really put you and your kid in danger if they go around telling lies about you throwing things or hitting them, you could end up with CPS even taking YOUR kid if that kid lied well enough. NO WAY!

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I'm watching him because I enjoy his company. He really is a good kid. But no, I refuse to let myself get in trouble because of a child's lies. Not only could I lose my own child but I would also lose my career. I work as a CNA currently and you can't have anything on your record. I will NOT let these people ruin my life. Not anymore than they already have anyway.

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Yes, good for you! DO NOT put yourself into that type of situation where you open yourself up to accusations of abuse!

That is exactly what our lawyer told ME, don't be alone with the kids, ever. And I don't, and I won't. Unless DH has full custody and honestly I don't want him to have full custody at this point. I am a horrible person huh?

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Well if you're a horrible person then so am I. }:)
I'd go crazy with them here 7 days a week. Especially in our one bedroom apartment. The only good part about it would be that BM would lose her welfare and child support which is the only reason she keeps those kids around.