Pick Up

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For starters. I got a phone call from Psycho’s sister two minutes to five... “so sorry! We forgot! I’m loading them up now!” Well there isn’t much of a choice. So alrighty then. Tell them okay and document and move on.

they show up by quarter after. SD10 is in shorts so short her butt is hanging out and heels... Made a note to get rid of the shorts and still trying to decide what to do with the heels... They MIGHT be cute with some capris but with the shorts it looks iffy... And GBM goes all “I went and bought them both several new outfits this weekend! Aren’t they cute?! I fake a “so cute! I love them!” 

She then goes on... She’s bought land just a 10 minutes from our house.... Forking A I can’t deal with so many psychotic enablers in a small geographical area... 

So in other news. If anyone has a way to blackmail DH into moving ASAP I’m taking ideas. Because I already don’t like running into Psycho’s sister places and she’s the most sane out of the bunch. I swear I’m going to snapbif I have to deal with even more of them all the time! I’m aiming for a few hours away... Anything really that’s not here...


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Dang girl! If her mom moves there it will be harder for you to relocate when you are ready. Gbm won't want the girls to move right after she does! Talk to your dh.. 

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When does your DH finish school? That's the time to go. I guess you could tell him you're going with him or without him . . . .

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August. It feels so far!!! I’m considering applying for jobs a few hours away... Then if I get a good one I can be like “look at what I got going for us! And here are house options! Also a list of places you can be a paramedic nearby!”

im going to go insane if we don’t move. My stress level is already high. Now add being antagonized by Psycho’s family at random places around town or them threatening to just stop by the house and it’ll be too much.

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I don't see the point of pretending SD's hoochy clothes were appropriate. Why offer approval if you don't approve? You don't have to be a B, but maybe an "Oh, my!" plus a follow up call from your DH to his ex MIL would help? 

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Didn’t think of that tbh. I’m so used to the “play nice and don’t strangle them” thing. Lol.

i think I may have DH mention something though. Because they DEFINITLEY arent clothes that’s a 10 year old should be walking around in imho.

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Fingers crossed you can move before GBM gets there!! I wouldn't ever want to live close enough to BM where I'd be at risk of running into her at the store, we're just far enough away that it's extremely unlikely that'd ever happen.  I can't imagine being surrounded by their entire family, and psychos to boot in your case Dash 1

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My other fear is that GBM moves here and then Psycho moves in with her. Serious fear. UGH!

yeah. We need to relocate. I’d settle for even an hour or two. Doesn’t have to be major. Just enough that we have some actual breathing space.

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GBM bought land and will build a house. Annoying, it is what it is. You are renting (I believe) and can move easier. After GBM moves into her new digs, you can move. She won't be able to move as easily.

As to the clothes, they never have to be worn at your house. The kids can either wear them back or take them back at the next visit. Don't send your clothing with them. Send theirs back to wear at their house.

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Well I don't have much of a choie Wink lol

We are renting and can definitley move easier. I wanted to buy a house a few hours away, we just need to wait for DH to graduate, we're on the final little spurt.

And you're right. i could send them back in them (except those shorts. Those are going to die. Because she doens't need ANYTHING that short).  Plus at least I have shorts to send her back in! She kept sending SD10 in long sleeves and pants. A nightmare since the heat is picking up and we've been in 80 degrees!

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I think there should be a place for it in COs. You now, like there are paragraphs about not being able to mve out of state or further than 50 miles or a half hour drive? Well, I think that there should also be a possibility, in cases that need it, of adding  "thou shalt not move closer than (whatever) to your ex-spouse". 

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Wouldn't that be magical? We can only move so far. But you could literally move straight next door and sit there spying with binoculars EVERY day and letting your dogs and cats s*** on our lawn and we can't do s*** about it. *shudder*