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So not to brag or anything, but I had the BEST Valentine's Day dates.  Due to my lack of an H I celebrated with my doggos.  Coworker was out with his parents so we even had the house to ourselves.  Cooked up some steak and homemade mac and cheese and some veggies and chilled out and watched TV, I even went soft and gave both furbabies a SMALL piece of steak (they don't get people food.  I'm mean like that.)


The things to laugh at though.  I occasionally scroll through tiktok,  so naturally a video of STBX came up, because apparently he wants to be "tik tok famous."  He's told me this before.  I thought it was dumb.

The video has "When you love someone" by James TW going in the background.  It's basically a song about divorce.  And he's sitting there being all sad panda...  So naturally he has a whole ton of comments from these random women telling them how sorry they are, and how awful that is, and how they've been there, and how he's so great, yada yada.  Nearly made an actual account so I could comment "Sooo... Should we tell them about the other woman you got engaged to mid-marriage? Or is she a secret?"  But I'm not as petty as he is, so I resisted then had a good laugh with my sister over the phone how I'm SO GLAD I'm getting out of that mess because that def shows how changed (or not) he is.

So if I ever needed confirmation that I'm doing the right thing...  I got it.


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I'm glad to hear this PA. I worry so much for you. 

You can also get confirmation from us, ya know.... lol Wink


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I get confirmation from you guys every day! I mean really you all helped me realize my worth enough that I was actually brave enough to leave in the first place Wink

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PA - I hope that no matter what future relationships you find yourself in, you will continue to do loving things for yourself.

For the rest of my days I will ensure that my special days (birthday, valentine's day, Christmas, etc) will be AWESOME and I will not rely on another person to make them special for me.

I took myself away Friday with roses, wine, sushi and snacks to a weekend getaway. SOLO. The guy I'm seeing got a card, in the mail, from me. I made ZERO plans with him because he's anti-Hallmark holidays. Fine. But I could tell he wasn't totally thrilled I would be off the grid for 36 hours. Sorry. Not sorry.

But you can be sure he was all in for meeting me Sunday for brunch and spending the day in DC. We had a great time and he bought me roses...................a rose bush to be specific. I'll have to plant it and wait for it to bloom, but I'll have roses for years.

At a minimum, I WILL make sure I get everything I want for special days. Anything anyone else does for me will be gravy.


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Thanks futuro!  I hope so as well.  I'm trying to do more of them, som eproject peices, getting back where I want to be physically, more with my dogs, and I'm looking at possibly purchasing a house.

Sushi and snacks sounds heavenly!!! You got me craving now! I love your approach to holidays!  I may have to try something similar. 

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He is an idiot but I think you should stop looking what's he up to online. You had to actually search for him as stuff doesn't just pop up on there, there are too many videos to be randomly showing up. Block him. Delete his contacts and unfollow him everywhere.