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Crap that has pissed me off in the last 24 hours . . .

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So as I stated previously I have two bio sons of my own. My oldest has high functioning Autism. He is the light of my life. He can be very emotional at times, and self-punishing. Blaming himself for everything, and I mean everything (like the refrigerator crapping out after 12 years)when he is obviously not at fault. I have bared this cross with my beloved son since his official diagnosis three years ago. And have done everything besides voodoo medicine and reading the damned tarot cards to make sure he has as normal a quality of life as I can give him.

That being said let me fast-forward to last night. It's monday. Football is on. My DH is down in the den watching. All three kids and I upstairs watching tv. Our show ends. My oldest slips downstairs to say goodnight to our puppy, who is asleep on the couch with my DH. (Sidenote: I bought the puppy for my oldest. Animals really help him emotionally. They don't judge) All of a sudden I hear this snarky, verging on mean tone come out of my DH saying, "I am having my Alone time. When do I ever have Alone time. I'm trying to watch tv and you are disturbing me!" My son replies, "I just wanted to kiss the dog goodnight." My DH continues saying he needs to leave.

At this point laser beams are shooting from my eyes and my blood has turned to lava. I fly down the stairs, embrace my son and politely ask him to wait for me upstairs. I then unleash the full force of my venom into DH. "Who the fuck do you think you are talking to?!! I would loooove to see the day I would dare to speak to your son that way. You are an immature asshole. He's a child. And really you need alone time. Well you can have the rest of your life if you like without me. You owe my son an apology and I expect you to give it to him. NOW!!!!" Like clockwork pussy-boy tries to embrace me as he knows I am right and he is beat and I tell him to "fuck off". I need alone time to decompress from you. He did apologize though. But honestly, who would do that to a child?!

Ok, second thing that has pissed me off. DH asked me to buy the gift for my SS's teacher for christmas! WTF?! That's his BM's job. Not mine, dude. Moving on. . .