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Sort of off topic, sort of not.

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So we're downtown today, visiting a store doing a promotion for free school supplies and to see about getting SO and SS new phones. (They went swimming with thiers last month) There was some serious confusion between us and the store manager on the different promotions going on, so since he was nearby (all the stores in the area were doing the give away today), the district manager was going to come in and speak with us.

While waiting for him, we took SS to try and find something to eat. Now, the enzitire main street in downtown is closed off for nine blocks this weekend for CelebratErie festivities. So there is a whole bunch of stuff going on, but he can't figure out what he wants for lunch.

I get the call saying the manager has made it to the store, so we all head that way, SO and SS stopping to grab drinks and me continuing on. About a block from the store, I hear a loud POP coming from my shoe. I figure I stepped on a rock and it took out my sole (Chuck Ts), but there wasn't a rock to be found. Keep walling...within 5 steps I feel the pain. Within 10, limping. Within 30 steps I can't walk.

Turns out I fractured my lateral metatarsal, right at the very end of it, snapping the bone completely through.

Nothing has touched the pain. Even the shot of dilaudid they gave me in the hospital did nothing. The prescription has made me so sleepy that I don't care about the pain so much unless I have to move my foot. But at least I'm not screaming in pain any longer.

SS really stepped up yesterday. SO had gone to the pharmacy to get my meds while SS and I went home. I ended up having to crawl from the driveway into the house. SS made sure the dogs were out of my way, held the door open for me, made sure I got on the couch okay, got me a drink a and took the dogs outside, all without being asked, and all after he'd spent hours upon hours bored and away from his precious laptop.

Hopefully that behavior will keep up today since it's house cleaning day. Meanwhile, I'm going keep my foot raised as high as I can. The on call Orthopedic Surgeon said I may end up needing surgery to put a pin in my foot.


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Wow - sometimes they really do step up. I would like to think that there is a real human being inside of my adult and nearly adult skids. But I don't want to have to find out. Luckily when I had surgery and a recovery period last year it was scheduled and I could plan it out complete with a hotel stay for privacy and cleanliness.

I hope that the rest of your process goes well and that you do not need surgery. Hopefully your SS will continue being helpful - or at least pleasant!

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That is great news. About the boy, that is. Very sorry about your foot and pain.

My sd, sadly, is the opposite. When I had a 911 emergency last year, all she could do was complain. Not so much as a "are you gonna be ok?" out of her.

So sorry about your pain. Hope it doesn't last too long.

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The odd thing is, he's been a bit complainy about his actual chores, but perfectly okay with helping me out to do things I need. It's like, really? Just do your chores real quick and everything will be okay! I promise, the computer will be there when they are finished. Even though I'd love to strap a small bomb to it and see what happens when it explodes.