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princess is out of percosett (some language, not too bad for me)

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She threw holy fits. She tried to manipulate me first. Sweety, I am the last person to do med seeking shit with. I work with a population that sees my staff psychiatrist. I am wise to every game a person could play to get opiates, narcotics, benzodiaizopines, etc. Honey, don't don't try this shit with me. But she did, and my husband is not as savvy as me, but becoming so. I had told him not to entrust her with the percosett rx, but he did. So lil miss was happily stoned for a number of days. She pulled every manner of shit to get a refill. No, no, honey, uh, uh. You will have to pull out the stash you were saving to sell (street value $30-$40 pill) or what you were saving for a rainy day, darlin.' All you get now is ibuprophren.

I cannot stand this girl. I absolutely despise her. The lies that drip off her tongue are convoluted, complex, she is Axis II, but her lies are completely transparent to me. I despise this girl. I think she is disgusting.

As I have said before, there are no more than six people in my life who have earned my hatred. This is a status very difficult to achieve with me. People have to work very hard, be extremely dedicated to achieving it, with me. It is a status rarely granted by me. She has earned it, in fact has an A+. Took her less than six months. It has taken years for the less than handful of others. They had to do things like stalk me, try to destroy my clinic, take away from my children. That earns hate from me, and it is fierce, direct, unrelenting, forever. I am a Scorpio, and it is true, all the age old verbiage about the signs. I am completely loyal and when those I hold dear are betrayed I am beyond protective. Scorpios have a rep for being psychic and retaliatory. She has no idea what she has earned. Do I wish her harm? Of course not. Do I wish for her to stop harming others? Yes. She has one month in my mind. I will kick her royal ass out of my house. I could lose custody of my kids due to their crap. If you want to incite a mother's wrath, that is the way to do it.
I am on my own, a comment from someone, I'm sorry, it's not in front of me now, made me really understand that. First rule of fight club is you don't discuss fight club.
I don't do anything halfway. I am either all in or all out.
Guess where you land, princess. Guess.


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Yeah, not yet. In normal life it's ok to be civilized. But I'm getting the lay of the land here. It's an alien world.

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I've worked in mental health for a long time and I understand how it can just drive you bonkers when some lovely axis II a-hole is so OBVIOUSLY full of shit and some people are completely snowed (aka your hubby). I went to a great training on Personality Disorders once and the trainer said the best way to know if the client was Axis II is if they make your skin crawl and you want to run the other direction or hide when you see them. LOL. I thought that was a great diagnostic tool, especially for the good ol' borderlines. Wink

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Am I reading this correctly? She sounds like she is addicted to Percocet? Percocet is well known in my area, many are addicted to it. I have a few friends that are, one in particular who I consider a close dear friend of mine went through the methadone treatments for over a year, she went off her methadone cold turkey after the people at the clinic jerked her around, she was good for 4 months or so but then fell back into it, I was suspicious and just knew she was into it again and the other night after having a long talk with her she broke down in tears admitting how bad it's getting for her. I convinced her to go back to the clinic, she is embarrassed needless to say but I reminded her that it's a hard addiction to kick and most users won't kick it the first time, some even have to remain on treatments for life. She went down and filled out all the paper work and such to start treatments again.

To be honest, I have taken them before for my back pain and such and I really don't get what the big deal is, I don't understand why people crave this high so much, all it did was help the pain but then again maybe it's because I do not have an addictive personality and I used it for medical use rather then recreational.

30-40 a pill? Really? I know here Oxy 40's are around that but a single Percocet pill generally sells for around 3-5 dollars.

I hate seeing people fall into this awful trap, she sounds like she needs help, if she is freaking out and has violent tendencies that's a huge deal and if she still has some and is already freaking out that makes it even worse. My friend would start freaking out when she got low too and she told me it was horrible waking up thinking about where and how she would get her next fix. This shit is happening wayyyyyy too often now a days and the reason this is a popular street drug is because the high received from it is apparently very close to that of the high of cocaine.

You husband needs to wake up and realize that this is a real problem and his daughter needs help. You and the other children should not have to witness or endure the behavior of this girl the way she is right now.

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There are many more in the field than I thought on this site. Yes, to both forestfairy and anonymous_stepmom, and acknowlegment to you, todo, another therapist, for your previous comments. Yes, to all you have commented upon. Yes, YES, YES.

I am typing from my island. I'd rather by typing from Underland. Underland is a place you go to experience understanding. But I am here. My husband and I exist every day in a tense dance of real desire to connect with one another. We are so keenly aware that the pattern has become a beastly thing, a thing where at the end of the night we vent our fears, frustrations, losses, disappointments, sadness and do not know how to turn toward one another. I escape into the music of Justin Hayward,, he escapes into sleep. Neither of us want or wish this, it just comes to a point of aborted emotion. What is there to do after a certain point?
Underland, I call to you. Take me under your wing, help me understand. Undo what is becoming.

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My understanding, I could be wrong, was that she's not due for a refill, or shouldn't be. If I were in a situation where "providing" for her addiction could get my child taken away from me, no freaking way. She can stop selling them, or deal with it. Not my problem at that point. But that's just my take on it, I could be way off base.

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As ususal, you all have great insight. And I hope people are entertained, StepAside, there has to be an upside to this and if people get a few chuckles it does my heart good : ) It amuses me in, yes, a dark way, because you just can't make this shit up. The constantly evolving mutations amaze me. And all this addiction to rx drugs - maybe I'm still naive, but 25 years ago when I was a teenager, no one did them. They pretty much stuck the stuff used in the 60s, cryin' out loud.
NoSteppingStone, my husband has expressed profound grief because he sees princess becoming her mother. He keeps chipping away the hold she has had over him, and he's been having conversations with pee here and there advising pee that he does not need to be her 'operative.' pee seems like he's starting to get it. He spends less time with her and completely avoids her now when she acts out.
Perhaps it was a revenge thing to block her from getting percoset. When my husband was on the phone with the dr's office they were shocked they had gone through the entire rx and my husband and the triage nurse were in agreement that this is not a person who should be prescribed narcotics - ever. So she got an rx for exta strenth ib. What is consciously feels like is that I have standards of behavior for people in this house and some lazy teenage girl lying around stoned does not fit into those standards. Once she's out, she can conduct herself however she likes and I don't have be aware of it.
My husband counted out the pills for the ib rx and explained to her that she will not receive any more prescriptions. It is up to her to make them last, and since these woon't make her high, her interest in them is much lower.
But, yes, he's horrified to understand she has Borderline Personality Disorder with traits of narcissim and anti-soical personality disorders. It is a lovely combination and no doubt why her boyfriends run like hell after a period of time.

I'm taking down the xmas decorations and making a roast for dinner. My boys had a sleepover at their cousins' after yet another b-day for another cousin. My husband and I had a very nice everning where we shared some champagne and had fun with various private outfit changes from my special clothing drawers. I have my set backs but I take a lickin' and keep on tickin.'

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I haven't been following your blog for very long and didn't realize all the issues with princess. I can very much relate to what you must be going through as less than a year ago my BS20 came to me and told me he was an addict and needed help. I was dumbfounded. I knew he had issues. I thought it was mainly weed and alcohol.

It was 2 and a half years ago that he moved out of my house at 18 because he was high all the time and was abusive to me. My DH (then fiance) stood up to him and told him he was not allowed to treat me the way he was. BS didn't want to follow the rules so he left. He was homeless for 4 months. It killed me every day. It finally seemed like he got his life in order. He had a part-time job and was attending college part-time. He got busted for weed but I still stupidly thought that was all there was to it.

When he came to me last February he told me he was addicted to opioids. Heroin, vicodin, cocaine. I don't even know what else. We got him into detox that night. We sent him out of state to rehab. He was in a sober house for several months and working full time. Last month he moved into his own apartment.

It was a long, dark road. But he is making it. He is still an addict. He will always be an addict. But he is clean and sober and happy for the first time in a long long time.

And I'm sorry to have hijacked your post but I understand the hurt and the anger and the frustration and the pain. But there is hope.

I'm glad that you and DH were able to carve out some time to recharge. It is the only way to stay sane.

Hang in there! It can and does get better.